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Pruszków. The teenager lost consciousness during the match. The city guard revived him

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During the match of the juniors of Znicz Pruszków with the Tour of Jaktorów, one of the players suddenly fell onto the pitch. The city guard, who resuscitated the teenager, moved directly from the stands to help.

The guard had a day off last Saturday. He took the opportunity and went to the game of his 14-year-old son, a junior player at Znicz Pruszków. His team hosted the Tura Jaktorów team that day. “Shortly after the match started, the sports emotions took on a completely different, more dramatic character. One of the opposing team’s juniors suddenly fell to the pitch and his heart stopped beating” – we read in a communiqué of the capital city guard.

After a few minutes, my heart began to beat

Trainers ran up to the boy, but could not help him. Seeing this, the officer ran onto the field.

“The young competitor was not breathing and his pulse was imperceptible. Informing the coaches that he was a Warsaw city guard and had received pre-medical aid training, he asked for an immediate emergency. He also started a heart massage” – informed the guards. After a while, one of the parents joined the man, helping to conduct CPR. “After a few minutes of the rescue operation, the officer felt the teenager’s heart beating. The boy gasped into his lungs and opened his eyes. After putting the patient in a safe position, he continued to monitor his condition until the ambulance arrived” – reads the release.

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An ambulance arrived a few minutes after the start of the rescue operation. The athlete was taken to the hospital, where it was determined after the tests that the cause of the fainting was a congenital heart defect.

In the hospital, the teenager underwent surgery

According to the municipal police, the teenager underwent a specialist procedure at the hospital. “On the other hand, inspector Mariusz Dobrzyński received a few days ago thanks for his attitude from his parents. However, the greatest reward is the awareness that his son’s peer is recovering” – revealed the municipal police.

We also described the resuscitation of a city bus passenger carried out by police officers:

Resuscitation action in the city busKRP III

Main photo source: TVN24

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