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Przeciszów. Charges and arrest for abuse of mother and sister. The police intervened during a domestic dispute

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A 46-year-old man from the commune of Przeciszów near Oświęcim (Małopolskie Voivodeship) was temporarily arrested after a domestic dispute during which he allegedly attacked his mother and sister. The drunk man was arrested by the police. According to the women’s accounts, the family drama was supposed to last for seven months. The 46-year-old allegedly abused his loved ones mentally and physically at that time. He is facing prison.

Police officers from Oświęcim were called on Monday (April 17) to a domestic dispute in one of the houses in the Lesser Poland commune of Przecisz. A call to 112 concerned a man who was about to attack close family members.

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A patrol went to the spot. – In a conversation with the victims, the aggressor’s 64-year-old mother and his 40-year-old sister, the uniforms determined that the intoxicated man started a fight, during which he used violence against both women, said in a press release Małgorzata Jurecka, a spokeswoman for the Oświęcim police.

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Police: The man was drunk. He had been bullied for months

Officers arrested a completely drunk 46-year-old. His sobriety test showed 2.8 per mille of alcohol. It turned out that this was not the first time that the man was to take out his aggression on the people closest to him.

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– Police officers from the criminal department of the Zator police station took care of the case. Within two days, they collected evidence that the man had been physically and mentally abusing his mother and sister for seven months, Jurecka said.

On April 19, the man was brought to the prosecutor’s office, where he was charged with mistreating his mother and sister. He faces up to five years in prison. By decision of the Oświęcim court, the 46-year-old was placed in pre-trial detention.

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