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Przemysław Czarnek: we are entering this school year full of optimism. Opposition: Only the Minister of Education is satisfied

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The beginning of the school year is not optimistic for many people, because Polish schools have a long list of problems. Minister of Education and Science Przemysław Czarnek seems to be in a good mood, even though 23,000 teaching vacancies remain unfilled. And the opposition and educational circles are enumerating what needs to be changed and what should be changed. Material from the “Poland and World” magazine.

Ending the school year with a different Minister of Education than the one with whom it started is not a scenario that the head of the Ministry of Education takes into account today – similarly to other politicians from the ruling camp. – We want these children and young people to earn money at the level of Western European countries – says the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawieckiwhich is on Monday, just before the upcoming… electionsinaugurated the school year together with the students.

– We are entering this school year, so I say and so many people say, apart from those who try to create chaos at school, we are entering the school year full of optimism, and we derive this optimism from huge investments – says the minister. Przemysław Czarnek in the Lubelskie Voivodeship, where he is running in the elections.

Minister Przemysław CzarnekWojtek Jargiło/PAP/EPA

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Opposition politicians on the situation in Polish education

Opposition politicians have a different opinion. – Another school year begins. I guess the only one who is satisfied with this start is the Minister of Education – says former Minister of National Education Krystyna Szumilas to the opposition, which was looking for optimism elsewhere in Poland.

– We are entering this year with the hope that Minister Czarnek will be the Minister of Education for only a short while and this is good news for all those who work in the education sector – says Dorota Olko from the Left. – This school year in Polish schools does not start in a very optimistic mood. We entered this school year with 23,000 vacancies and a shortage of so many teachers, he notes Szymon Hołownia from Poland 2050.

There are vacancies in every voivodeship, and teachers who were appointed to the Ministry of Education only a few days ago were demanding raises. So where does the good mood of the head of the Ministry of Education come from? – There are 1,600 fewer announcements about vacant hours throughout Poland, because we are not talking about full-time positions, compared to last year – recalls Przemysław Czarnek. – Where is the collapse we heard about? – wonders.

Czarnek asked about promises from years ago

The Prime Minister also praised changes in Polish education. – We have provided a psychologist or special educator to almost every school – emphasizes Mateusz Morawiecki. It’s just that it was still in the program three years ago Polish Order PiS promised that there would be a psychological and pedagogical office in every school. According to the GrowSPACE Foundation, there are no school psychologists in 450 communes in Poland, and there are still thousands of vacancies.

– Not all schools can employ psychologists, as you know, psychologists need to be educated – explains Minister Czarnek. – If you know psychologists who are in space, you can bring TVN in, so I invite TVN to cooperate. Retrieve excellent psychologists from space immediately. We have created conditions for local governments to employ specialists, he adds.

The Demagogue website also checked other promises from the current term of office of the PiS government. Every school was to have high-speed internet by 2020. Three years later, it is still missing in several percent of institutions. A school modernization fund has not been established yet, although the ministry explains that it supports education through other initiatives. The number of hours of Physical Education was also to be increased.

When asked about PE lessons, Minister Czarnek replies: “I am in favor of introducing additional soft hours after the reduction, especially in grades 7-8 and in secondary schools.” – These are optional hours because we want to slim down the core curriculum – he adds.

Questions about the core curriculum

A few years ago, the minister promised to add more history lessons to this attitude. He expanded the core curriculum in the form of the subject “History and Present” and with the textbook of a former PiS MEP, which includes criticism of the European Union, in vitro and “gender” ideology.

The minister himself – at the beginning of the year at a special school in Węgrów – found a new dangerous ideology. – We finance the construction, expansion and modernization of special schools in order to veto the absurd ideological inclusive education – he points out.

Czarnek on putting a “veto on the absurd, ideological policy of inclusive education”TVN24

The so-called “inclusive education” is about ensuring that a person affected by inclusion, e.g. with a disability, studies in a mainstream school and receives the support they need there.

Deputy Minister Marzena Machałek didn’t care a few months ago. – Inclusive education is not an ideology – she said in March. But today, during the election campaign, the head of the Ministry of Education has a different idea for public schools – and not everyone agrees with it.

Main photo source: Wojtek Jargiło/PAP/EPA

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