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Psary, Lesser Poland. Tomasz H. sued the commune in court. There is a ban on the use of the school field in the afternoon, weekends and holidays and 57,000 for the complainant

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There is one sports field in Psary in Lesser Poland, which is located next to a primary school. However, children cannot use it in the afternoons from Monday to Friday, and they cannot stay on it at all on days off. This decision was taken by the court as part of the proceedings concerning the complaints of one of the residents. Tomasz H. claims that he is disturbed by the noise coming – in his opinion – from the sports facility. For violating the court ban, the man has already received PLN 57,000 from the municipality. Meanwhile, residents hope that the final verdict will restore the possibility of using the pitch.

The District Court in Chrzanów issued a decision under which the school playground in Psary (Lesser Poland) – the only place where young people had a chance to play football in the afternoons and use the infrastructure adapted for this purpose – cannot be used after 5 p.m. on weekdays, and on weekends, holidays and holidays in general. A note was hung on the gate of the pitch, informing about this decision of the court.

“It is forbidden to use the school playground by students and to make it available to third parties after 17:00 from Monday to Friday and a total ban on using the playground on Sundays and holidays. In other periods, a total ban on using the playground. for Tomasz H. and Ewa Cz. by the Trzebinia Commune (the authority running the primary school in Psary).

Ban on using the pitch in Psary (Lesser Poland)TVN24

He was disturbed by the noise from the pitch, he reported the matter to the court

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The court’s decision is a consequence of the case brought against the commune in 2016 by musician Tomasz H., who lives next to the school.

The spokesperson of the Trzebinia City Hall, Anna Jarguz, said in an interview with TVN24 that “the case began in 2010, when the resident purchased a property in Psary in the immediate vicinity of the school and the pitch”. “After a while, complaints about noise started here, about balls flying from the pitch to his property,” she said. She explained that the lawsuit concerns the negative impact of one property on another.

Spokesperson of the City Hall in Trzebinia about the ban on using the pitch in PsaryTVN24

A man who lives near the school claims that loud and harmful noises are coming from the pitch. “This is a diffuse terrain. Someone who is not familiar with the physics of sound will not understand it, but the interactions that are emitted when an object hits an object, i.e. when kicking a ball, are low-frequency signals with many variables that have a very negative impact” – said Mr. Tomasz in an interview with “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

School playground in Psary (Lesser Poland)TVN24

The municipality had to pay PLN 57,000

The case reported to the court by Tomasz H. is still pending, but in 2020 a decision was made to secure the claim. It was there that restrictions on the use of the pitch were established.

Each violation of the ban costs the City Hall in Trzebinia PLN 500. The man documented cases of using the sports facility after scheduled hours and went to court. On this basis, he has already received PLN 57,000 from the municipality for breaching the ban.

School playground in PsaryTVN24

“This pitch is the only sports facility in the village”

– This pitch is the only sports facility in the village. The gate to it also leads to the school, to the playground, i.e. places where children, teenagers and adults spend their time. Because Psary has no more places where you can. This is a small town, all life has always been concentrated here – told TVN24 the director of the primary school. W. Broniewski in Psary Teresa Gągolska.

The headmistress of the school in Psary about the ban on using the pitch

The headmistress of the school in Psary about the ban on using the pitchTVN24

Sylwia Nowak, a resident of Psar, who is the mother of three school-going children, admitted in an interview with TVN24 that the court’s decision was “shocking” for her.

She added that the children “aren’t happy because it’s the only playground secured against cars, a busy street.” She described the behavior of the resident as “a whim”. She also expressed hope that “the verdict will be different.”

Main photo source: TVN24

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