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Psychiatrists still have problems with issuing e-prescriptions. The Polish Psychiatric Association wants the suspension of the regulations

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Doctors are trying, but they can’t – the system of issuing prescriptions for painkillers still does not work. Doctors are wasting valuable time on it, and there is still evidence of it. And patients lose their chance to get the drug. It is a mess left by former minister Adam Niedzielski. The Polish Psychiatric Association demands the suspension of the regulations, because a paper prescription is not an easy way out of the situation.

Doctor Magdalena Flaga-Łuczkiewicz wanted to write a prescription for her patient. – It didn’t work on Friday, I tried yesterday, it didn’t work, and now I tried, literally a moment ago, from both sides, and it didn’t work – says Magdalena Flaga-Łuczkiewicz, a psychiatrist. The system also rejected attempts to write a prescription by psychiatrist Anna Bazydło. On Tuesday, the patient did not receive the medicine. – I was not able to deal with the system part of simply office software. Today I spent about an hour and a half trying to issue this prescription – explains Anna Bazydło, a doctor, resident of psychiatry. Finally succeeded.

In the psychiatric community, the problem with issuing prescriptions is so serious that the Main Board of the Polish Psychiatric Association (PTP) met on Wednesday on this matter. “We have information from psychiatrists about their difficulties with administering psychotropic and narcotic drugs. This procedure takes a long time, and in some cases it is not effective – some patients with accounts in IKP are not prepared for this form of verification” – reads a fragment of the PTP statement.

The Polish Psychiatric Association demands the suspension of regulations that hinder the work of doctors. Let us add that the Ministry of Health suspended these regulations for hospitals and hospices on Tuesday, but not for psychiatric offices. – There was no instruction on how to do it and it was something completely new, which suddenly people coming to work on August 2 had to encounter. As a result, some patients did not receive the drugs they needed – adds Dr. Maciej Matuszczyk, psychiatrist and PTP member.

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Dr. de Rosier: I’m a psychiatrist. I confirm that on Wednesday I also had a problem with issuing a prescriptionTVN24

A paper solution?

Politicians of the ruling party, after a week-long scandal, stopped questioning that there was and still is a problem with writing prescriptions. Now they blame doctors for not writing paper prescriptions. – The fact is that one of the systems may not have worked. I don’t know this case in great detail. But as a hospital director for many years, I know that if a doctor has problems with writing an electronic prescription, he can write it out on paper – she argued on Wednesday morning on TVN24 Józef Szczurek-Żelazko from PiS.

The problem is that doctors no longer have paper prescriptions in their offices. – Some doctors do not use these forms because e-prescriptions were introduced three years ago. We used prescription numbers (paper – editor’s note) and we do not submit applications (for new ones – editor’s note), because the e-prescription actually removes this obligation from us – explains Anna Bazydło. – I haven’t issued paper prescriptions for four or so years. I haven’t written a recipe in many years. Since there are e-prescriptions, I use e-prescriptions – adds Magdalena Flaga-Łuczkiewicz.

In order for a doctor to use a paper prescription, he must produce it by downloading special codes from the system. To receive them – he must enter the individual numbers used for this.

– Unfortunately, it fails again at the preparation stage. If we and the people running the facilities had been informed earlier that there would be such a demand for paper prescriptions, we could have prepared ourselves – believes Anna Bazydło.

The new health minister knows that there is a crisis with prescriptions, so she pitches another idea to the doctors. “Theoretically, you can also write a prescription for yourself, even buy a medicine and administer it to this patient” – said Katarzyna Sójka.

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