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Pszczyna, shooting. The 40-year-old broke the car window and shot at the police while escaping

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An armed man shot at police officers in Pszczyna (Silesia). The 40-year-old had previously broken a car window and was running away from the officers. The injured man was taken to hospital. The second man who was with him was detained. Apart from the attacker, no one was injured during the exchange of fire.

The incident took place in the Piastów housing estate in Pszczyna. We received the first information on this matter on Kontakt24. It was confirmed by staff aspirant Adam Jachimczak from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Katowice.

– Around 4 p.m. we received a report about a car window being broken with a gun. The police patrol went to the scene of the incident, where two men, noticing the officers, ran away in two directions, he said. – The police ran after the man in whom they noticed a gun – he added.

He shot at policemen

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While running away, the man started shooting at the police, who also returned fire. – The chase continued along several streets, and the police finally overpowered the man in an alley blocked by construction equipment – Jachimczak reported. The 40-year-old, according to the policeman, was injured and taken to hospital, where he remains under police supervision. During his arrest and later in the hospital, he “showed excessive aggression.”

The officers also managed to detain the second man, who – as it turned out – was drunk.

– When he sobers up, I suspect that no sooner than tomorrow, we will talk to him and interrogate him. He didn’t have a gun, but he was released from prison a few days ago. He is 36 years old and the man in the hospital is 40 – said Asp. pcs. Jachimczak.

The record of the man who shot is still being checked. The weapon used by the attacker is stylized as an old, larger weapon. According to the policeman, it may be a black powder weapon, but this information must be confirmed by experts.

Apart from the attacker, no one was injured during the exchange of fire.

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