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Puck. Trucks drive through the Beka nature reserve. Head of the translators reserve

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Trucks travel through the Beka nature reserve in the Puck commune (Pomorskie) every day. Although the sight may be disturbing, the park manager reports that it is related to an ongoing investment. It also reassures that the animals are safe.

We were informed by an internet user about trucks passing through the Beka nature reserve every day. She also sent a video showing the vehicles in motion. The woman was concerned that the noise of the passage might scare the birds there. The reserve manager, Dr. Mariusz Miotke, reassures that the animals are safe.

– A lot of trucks pass through the reserve now, because the pumping station, which is located near the reserve, is being rebuilt – says Miotke.

He adds that the crossing is necessary, because the only way to the construction site is the one by the storm surge, which is the western border of the reserve.


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In the reserve, it is forbidden to disturb the silence, among other things Internet user

They don’t scare the birds away

Besides, these are not the only vehicles that move around Beki. Before entering, there is a sign prohibiting traffic in both directions. However, it does not apply to the holders of ID cards issued by the Head of the Puck Commune, agricultural machinery and vehicles of municipal services.

Miotke explains that animals are used to the fact that cars drive this road. As the reserve manager emphasizes, the birds know that there is nothing wrong with them and that they do not scare away.

– In addition, the birds move away about 200 meters from the embankment, beyond the noise zone – he adds.

The reserve is forbidden to move, but there are exceptions Internet user

As Bogusław Pinkiewicz from the Regional Water Management Authority in Gdańsk told us, a pumping station is being renovated there, draining water from the flood polder in the event of a flood. The investment began in February 2021, in total, four stations were renovated in Pomerania.

We asked about when the end of works in the Puck commune was planned. We are waiting for answer.

Beka nature reserve

The Beka nature reserve is located in the northern part of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, in the Puck commune.

As we read on the reserve’s website, the purpose of protection there are “valuable natural resources of the coastal floodplain and natural processes shaping the sea shore in the area of ​​the Reda and Zagórska Struga estuaries, which are the most important watercourses within the reserve”.

12 natural habitats protected under the Habitats Directive have been identified in Beka. These are, among others: coastal salt flats (brackish and halophilic rush), moldy meadows (here rush and boggy meadows), alkaline bogs of a threshing character, sedge and moss bogs, kidzin on the sea shore, estuaries.

Beka nature reserveInternet user

Among the bird species found in the reserve, 30 are indicated for protection in Annex I of the Birds Directive. They are both breeding birds and those for which Beka is an important stopping place during spring and autumn migrations. In the coastal waters of the Puck Bay, multi-species flocks of water birds wintering in the southern Baltic gather. In addition, there are seven species of other animals protected by EU law in the reserve, including fish from the group of bi-environmental fish and lampreys.

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