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Puigdemont announces further journeys for the secession of Catalonia

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Former Catalan prime minister Carles Puigdemont traveled to Brussels from Sardinia on Monday afternoon, where he was temporarily arrested on Thursday on charges against him by the Spanish judiciary.


Although the Catalan separatist was released from custody on Friday, the court ordered him to appear in a Sardinian court in October, to which the politician agreed.

Puigdemont, who will be attending a meeting of the EP’s foreign trade committee on Monday, in a tweet published after landing in Brussels, wrote that he had a pleasant trip with a “Spanish couple” who were to wish him good luck.

He noted that he was welcomed by hostile Spaniards at the airport in Brussels, but ironically wrote that “their anger is probably due to the ridiculousness to which their country is risking trying to capture him.”

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Puigdemont: I will travel around Europe

On Sunday, Puigdemont announced that despite attempts to apprehend him by the Spanish authorities seeking his extradition, he would not stop traveling abroad serving the secession of Catalonia.

– I will continue to travel around Europe – declared the 58-year-old politician, announcing at the same time that he would appear before a court in the Sardinian city of Sassari to answer the trial launched by the local judiciary at the request of the Spanish Supreme Court.

Former Prime Minister of Catalonia Carles PuigdemontPAP / EPA / SIAS

Prosecuted in connection with the organization of the independence referendum

Puigdemont is being prosecuted over his government’s holding an independence referendum in Catalonia on October 1, 2017. A few weeks after the plebiscite, the separatist left for Belgium in fear of being arrested by the Spanish services.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / SIAS

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