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Puławy. 19th century newspapers under the wallpaper. The oldest one dates back to 1882

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Most are in Russian. In the one in Polish we can follow the plan of the coronation celebrations of Tsar Nicholas II. During the renovation of one of the houses in Puławy (Lublin Voivodeship), old wallpapers were discovered under the plaster. Newspapers were used as a base for their positioning. The oldest one on which the date could be read comes from 1882.

Announcements, advertisements and current information. All this can be found on the pages of 19th-century newspapers, fragments of which were discovered during the renovation of a historic house in Puławy.

It turned out that there were colorful wallpapers under the plaster and newspapers were used as a base.

Most newspapers are in Russian Anna Fic-Lazor

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Coronation of the Tsar and a lecture by the Society of Agricultural Settlements

– Most of them are in Russian. In one of them, in Polish, there is a plan of the coronation celebrations of Tsar Nicholas II. Although the year was not given, only the date of April 20, since the tsar was crowned in May 1896, the newspaper comes from April 20, 1896 – says art conservator Anna Fic-Lazor, who created documentation of the conservation and restoration works carried out during the renovation of the house. .

You can follow the plan of the coronation celebrations of Tsar Nicholas II Anna Fic-Lazor

He adds that another interesting feature is a small preserved fragment of one of the readings of the Society of Agricultural Settlements and Craft Shelters, published on the same page of the newspaper. It was a charity organization operating in the 19th century.

– Unfortunately, the fragment of the reading is so rudimentary that little can be read from it – he points out.

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A machine constructed in 1839 was used

Among the discovered newspapers there are also those from 1888 and 1887. The oldest one dates back to 1882. The construction of the house dates back to 1897. The wallpaper was probably laid then.

There are also advertisements and announcements Anna Fic-Lazor

As we read on the Facebook profile of the Lublin Provincial Conservator of Monuments, they were made using the printing technique and the so-called wallpaper makers. That is, a machine constructed in 1839 that uses metal cylinders and rolls of paper for printing.

They will be framed and placed behind glass

Some of them show release dates Anna Fic-Lazor

“Printed upholstery was in five rooms on the ground floor and two in the attic. Machine-made paper was used for their production, used in Poland since the late 1830s.” – the entry says.

Although the condition of the wallpapers was very poor, conservation works included, among others: clean them and protect the faces. The pieces will now be framed and placed behind glass. They are to be displayed in this form on the walls of the building.

The wallpapers were in poor condition Anna Fic-Lazor

Main photo source: Anna Fic-Lazor

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