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Pulawy. He bought a cell phone as a gift for his son. He got an energy drink in the package

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A resident of the Lublin region wanted to buy a mobile phone online. This one was supposed to be a gift for his son. However, after sending the money and receiving the package, it turned out that there was no phone inside. Instead, there was an energy drink. The seller fell into the ground. Police from Puławy warn against internet frauds.

As Deputy Commissioner Ewa Rejn-Kozak from the District Police Headquarters in Puławy describes to us, one of the inhabitants of the commune bought a mobile phone via the Internet. The item was supposed to be a gift for the son.

– After finding the advertisement, selecting the phone and determining the price, the man made a transfer, almost PLN 300, to the account indicated in the advertisement – says the policewoman. In fact, a package was sent to the address of an inhabitant of the Lublin region.

An energy drink instead of a phone. The police are observing

After a few days, when the package arrived and the man opened it, it turned out that instead of the device, there was an energy drink. To make matters worse, the seller has disappeared.

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– The ad was gone and the seller turned off the phone. A resident of the Puławy commune reported to the police. Police officers determine the circumstances of the event and who is behind it – informs Rejn-Kozak. And he adds: – We warn against internet fraudsters and call for caution when shopping online and choosing more secure payment methods, for example cash on delivery.

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