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Purchase of coal for fuel, a promise from PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński. announces a support program. A government spokesman explains

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It is about helping to buy coal for people who need support the most, for example those who do not earn money, said government spokesman Piotr Mueller on Saturday, referring to the earlier announcement by the president of Law and Justice, Jarosław Kaczyński. According to the spokesman, decisions can be prepared within a month.

Inflation is the biggest challenge, so we have to look for tools to hit those groups that are most affected by the effects of inflation with individual social programs or tax cuts, as it will happen from July 1, but also as we plan to help people, that heat their homes with coal – he said after Saturday’s convention PIS government spokesman in conversation with journalists.

Coal prices and an aid program proposal

Referring to the very high coal prices, Mueller recalled that during the convention, the PiS president Jaroslaw Kaczynski announced protective measures.

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– We will be preparing such a program now, we are preparing the details so that it goes to those groups, to those people who will actually need this help the most – said Mueller.

When asked what solutions Deputy Prime Minister Kaczyński might have meant when he said that a decision had already been made to provide those who use coal for their homes with “coal prices at the level that was until recently”, the government spokesman assured that “we will present it soon “.

– The point is to create a mechanism (…) to help those who need this support the most; that is, above all, those who, for example, do not earn. So here we have to establish and consider the criteria for whether to introduce income criteria or not. There is a discussion at this stage, he said. According to him, detailed solutions can be developed within a month.

Brokers’ margins when selling coal

The government spokesman also announced decisions that may affect the margins of companies intermediating in the sale of coal.

– On the other hand, we are also introducing mechanisms to eliminate intermediaries along the way; that is, companies of the State Treasury have been mobilized to also sell products directly, and not through intermediaries, which is also to reduce margins on the final price – he explained. As he declared in the conclusion, “such a package of measures will be presented soon”.

Promise of the president of PiS

– We have made a decision that we will provide people who heat their homes with coal, and today this coal has become very expensive, even up to PLN 3,000 per ton, at the level that was until recently – the PiS president declared on Saturday.

– We will definitely do it; this is certainly for those who are having difficulties and whom we would condemn to not being able to have heated apartments in winter, said Jarosław Kaczyński.

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