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Putin-Erdogan meeting. Vladimir Putin was waiting for the President of Turkey [Wideo]

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Vladimir Putin enters the room expecting Recep Tayyip Erdogan to join him quickly. However, this is not the case – for less than a minute, the Russian president has to wait impatiently for his Turkish counterpart. Cameras recorded the awkward situation.

Vladimir Putin met in Iranian Tehran with Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The handshake, however, preceded the Russian president’s expectation of his Turkish counterpart.

The video, which lasts less than a minute, shows Putin, his hands clasped in front of him, shifting from foot to foot and looking around the room. When the Turkish president finally shows up, Putin spreads his hands, slapping his hips, then takes a few steps to shake hands and pose with Erdogan in front of the cameras.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin talked in TehranPAP / EPA / TURKISH PRESIDENT PRESS OFFICE HANDOUT

This was an unusual situation for a Russian leader who, over the years, had built up a reputation for making world leaders wait for themselves. Some commentators speculate that the Tehran events are retaliation for what happened in Moscow in 2020, when Erdogan had to wait two minutes for Putin.

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“The 50 seconds that Erdogan made Putin wait tell a lot about how much has changed after the events in Ukraine,” commented Joyce Karam, correspondent for The National, an English-language newspaper in the United Arab Emirates. In her opinion, it could also be Erdogan’s “sweet revenge” for Putin’s delay in Moscow.

“Balanced Psychological Policy”

Some observers believe that Putin’s tardiness in meetings with international leaders is a deliberate psychological policy that dates back to the beginning of his presidency, describes The Guardian. In 2003, Putin was 14 minutes late to meet Queen Elizabeth, and in 2012 – three hours late to meet John Kerry in Moscow.

According to Radio Free Europe, in 2014 there was already a German chancellor Angela Merkel she waited four hours and 15 minutes to meet Putin while Viktor Yanukovychwhen he was president of Ukraine (2010-2014), he waited for the meeting for four hours.

In June 2015, Putin was an hour late to meet with Pope Francis in the Vatican. In turn, in 2018 the then US president Donald Trump waited for the president of Russia 45 minutes before the planned Helsinki summit.

Vladimir Putinkremlin.ru

The Guardian, tvn24.pl, Reuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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