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Putin’s special train. From the outside it looks inconspicuous, but inside there are luxuries

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It is armored, and the wagons contain, among others, a gym, a Turkish bath or a beauty salon – in such conditions Vladimir Putin travels around the country. The documents that describe the special train of the Russian president were obtained by the CNN station.

Documents leaked to CNN show Vladimir Putin moving around the country in wagons dripping with luxury. “Putin knows that he is surrounded by enemies, so he wants to feel safe, protected,” said Abbas Galiamov, the Russian leader’s former speechwriter.

From the outside, the so-called number one train looks inconspicuous, but it is a deliberate move. The heavily armored wagons were painted and soiled to look like an average Russian passenger train.

A few years ago, Russian television was allowed on board the train and recorded the meeting in a sumptuous conference car. However, the train’s remaining approximately twenty carriages, several of which underwent refurbishment last year, have been shrouded in mystery until now.

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The Russian company Zircon Serwis deals with the construction of – as they say – elite wagons. It specializes in luxury projects for private and state enterprises, including the Kremlin.

Among the pile of documents handed over to the Russian Dossier Center, there is also a letter from Zircon Serwis, in which the company informs about the test drives of a sports and health wagon ordered by the Kremlin. The photos attached to the letter show Putin’s private gym located in one of the cars. Last year, the Kremlin intended to modernize the wagon, replacing Italian exercise machines with American ones.

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A former Putin personal security agent who was responsible for installing communications equipment on an armored train before fleeing Russia says the Russian president began using this form of transportation more frequently before Russia invaded Ukraine last year. – Planes are easy to track. There are plenty of trains, however, and it is much more difficult to track them. This is why Putin chooses the train – so that no one knows where he is, says Gleb Karakulov.

Plan of Putin’s “special” trainCNN

The rich interior of Putin’s train

Discretion does not mean giving up the luxury Putin loves. The plans of the train show, among other things, a spa car with a Turkish bath inside. According to the Dossier Center, the warehouse includes a beauty salon wagon with professional equipment and massage tables.

– The Kremlin denies the reports of the Dossier Center, telling us that Putin does not own and does not use the wagon. But after Prigozhin’s failed coup, which was the first to challenge Putin’s authority in a long time, people are more interested than ever in the life of the Russian leader, CNN’s Matthew Chance points out.

The vision of Putin being pampered by the servants while traveling secretly in an armored train shows just how isolated the Russian president has become. His former speechwriter even claims that Putin has become paranoid. – Putin loses wars, suffers political defeats and loses popularity. On the other hand, he has more and more enemies because he commits more and more crimes. He is unable to build a political fortress, so he literally builds it out of concrete and steel, Abbas Galiamov believes.

This is how Putin eliminates his enemies. “There are no inhibitions to take revenge”Joanna Stempień/Facts about the world TVN24 BiS

The Kremlin knows that Putin has developed such an image, so he is trying to change it. In recent weeks, the Russian president has attended public events more often. In the face of destabilization in the Kremlin, defeats in Ukraine and the development of NATO, it seems that the armored train really could be Putin’s last refuge.

Main photo source: CNN

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