Putin's ultimatum. Andrzej Duda replied. “Sky Claims”


Andrzej Duda met with media representatives before flying to Switzerland. Talks will take place in this European country as part of the peace formula regarding Ukrainy.

The president said that they would take part in the meeting representatives of 100 countries. – I'm glad we were invited. To some extent, we are co-organizers of this meeting – pointed out the politician. He informed that he was asked by the President of Ukraine to encourage the leaders of Middle Eastern countries to participate in the summit.

Switzerland. Andrzej Duda at the peace summit

– We are Ukraine's partner in building this peace formula. It is very important to show countries distant from Ukraine that the problem is serious – Andrzej Duda continued.

Delegations from: Russia years Chin. The president commented on this situation, pointing out that “the international community does not consist only of big players.” The head of state cooled down the mood before expecting groundbreaking declarations.

Please do not be discouraged by the fact that it will not achieve any great tangible results – emphasized the president. He reminded that this was the first meeting of this type.

Andrzej Duda emphasized that his goal would be to present the real danger posed by Russia. – I hope this message will be conveyed clearly, presenting the situation in the region. Where today Belarus and Russia are hybridly attacking Poland, the Baltic states and Finland using migration pressure – he emphasized.

Russia presented “conditions for negotiations”. Andrzej Duda replied

Andrzej Duda commented on the ultimatum he issued to Kiev and the West Vladimir Putin. – Ukraine must withdraw its troops from Russia's new regions, said the Russian leader, specifying “conditions for negotiations.” According to the dictator, Ukraine would also have to give up its intention to join NATO.

– He showed the international opinion the quintessence of Russian imperialism – noted President Duda. He added that territorial claims Kremlin are “exorbitant”and the state is violating international law.

The head of state emphasized that in Ukraine there was a “brutal attack on an independent and sovereign state.”

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