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Quantum mechanics and gravity. How they work. Scientists are getting closer to solving the mystery

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A group of physicists have successfully detected the weak gravitational pull of a tiny particle. This is to help us understand what quantum gravity is. Scientists plan further experiments to reach the level governed by quantum mechanics to better understand the nature of gravity and the laws that govern the universe.

Scientists from the University of Southampton in the UK say their latest experiment has brought physics closer to a better understanding of what quantum gravity is – how gravity works on a very small scale.

Experts have never fully understood how the force discovered by Isaac Newton works in the tiny quantum world. Even Albert Einstein was surprised by quantum gravity and in his theory of general relativity he stated that there was no realistic experiment that could demonstrate the quantum version of gravity.

The combination of quantum mechanics that governs the subatomic world and gravity operating on the macroscale of the Universe is one of the most important goals of physics. In a study described in the journal “Science Advances”, scientists explain how – using levitating magnets – they measured the gravity coming from a particle with a mass of 0.43 mg. The force it generated was only 30 aN (attonewtons).

Scientists from Southampton conducted the experiment together with scientists from Leiden University and the Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies in Italy. The study used an advanced setup that included superconducting devices, known as traps, with magnetic fields, sensitive detectors and advanced vibration isolation.

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“We are one step closer”

“For a whole century, scientists have been trying unsuccessfully to understand how quantum mechanics and gravity work together. Now we have measured gravitational signals from the smallest mass in history. This means that we are one step closer to understanding how quantum mechanics and gravity work together,” emphasized the lead author of the study. , Tim Fuchs. “From now on, we will continue to go down the scale until we reach the quantum level. By understanding quantum gravity, we will be able to solve some of the mysteries of the universe – how it began, what happens inside black holes – and combine all known forces into one theory.” – added the scientist.

The principles governing the quantum realm are still not fully understood, but particles and forces at the microscopic scale are believed to interact differently than ordinary-sized objects, scientists reported.

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