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Queen Margrethe II of Denmark in Poland. Her photo with Lech Wałęsa became iconic

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Exactly thirty years ago, in July 1993, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark visited Poland. On the occasion of the anniversary of this event, the Danish embassy in Poland shared a photo of the monarch and then-president Lech Wałęsa on its social media. Over the years, this photo has gained a cult status.

Margaret II’s visit to Poland lasted from 5 to 9 July 1993. The famous photograph was taken exactly thirty years ago, on July 6, during a ball held in Otwock Wielki in honor of the monarch. The event was part of a four-day state visit by Margrethe II and her husband Prince Henry. In the famous photo you can see how the then president of the Republic of Poland Lech Walesa lights the queen a cigarette. The photographer is Maciej Belina Brzozowski.

Małgorzata II and Lech Wałęsa during a ball in Otwock Wielki, July 6, 1993.Embassy of Denmark in Poland

Queen Margaret and cigarettes

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Smoking cigarettes remained a weakness of the Danish queen for years. As she admitted several times, her parents, King Frederick IX and Queen Ingrid, gave her first cigarette at the age of only 17. The addiction accompanied her for the next six decades, and the information that Queen of Denmark quit smoking after 66 yearsreported by media around the world.

The reason was a major back surgery. “The Queen gave up cigarettes prior to her surgery and has not smoked since,” Royal Household spokeswoman Lenne Balleby said at the time. The Danish Health Authority recommended that you refrain from smoking six weeks before surgery, as this reduces the risk of infection and wounds heal faster after surgery.

Margrethe II the longest reigning monarch in Europe

Currently, after the death of Elizabeth II, Margaret II remains the longest reigning monarch in Europe. However, her accession to the throne was not obvious. According to the rules of succession in force until the mid-twentieth century, the Danish throne should go to the eldest male heir – in this case Margaret’s uncle, Prince Canute. Due to the popularity of the young princess, by the act of March 27, 1953, the parliament Denmark however, he introduced conditional female succession. In this way, the then 13-year-old princess became the rightful heir to the throne, which she assumed less than 19 years later – on January 14, 1972.

Queen Margrethe II of DenmarkWikipedia

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In Denmark, the monarch has mainly representative and diplomatic functions. Margaret II does so with undoubted success. Within over fifty years of rule significantly increased public support for royal family, which is currently estimated at around 80-85 percent. When she ascended the throne, according to data from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was only 42 percent.

The Queen of Denmark also has a deep passion for art, architecture and archaeology. After graduation, she participated in “countless excavations at home and abroad”, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. While still a princess, Margaret sent her illustrations to the author of “The Lord of the Rings” JRR Tolkien. The drawings, bearing the pseudonym “Ingahild Grathmer”, were her interpretation of selected scenes from the saga. After the writer’s death, the sketches, with flattering remarks added by him, were found. Four years later they were added to one of the editions of the bestseller. The Queen is also involved in costume design, set design, illustration, embroidery and painting. Her work is part of the permanent exhibition of three Danish museums.

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Main photo source: Embassy of Denmark in Poland

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