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Queensland and Victoria, Australia. Huge downpours. There were evacuations and tickets for driving into large puddles

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The states of Queensland and Victoria experienced downpours. On Wednesday, some rivers overflowed and some towns had to be evacuated. One of the residents of the city of Alberta did not follow the orders of the services and went on tour. He got stuck in a huge puddle and called the police for help.

Severe floods hit the state of Victoria and southern Queensland. Heavy rain caused some of the rivers to overflow on Tuesday. Flood water flooded towns such as Inglewood, Millmerran and Leyburn in Queensland, among others. Its level was so high that the trees were partially flooded.

The entire Inglewood was evacuated. About 800 residents fled their homes after the water began to rise rapidly, flooding buildings and streets. There were also preparations to evacuate residents in Yalarbon following an emergency announcement, Queensland Police said.

It was raining in Victoria too

Downpours also affected the state of Victoria. It was raining and hailing heavily in Melbourne. In the Maribyrnong district, almost 40 liters of water per square meter fell for an hour, and the temperature dropped by several degrees.

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At Melbourne Airport, gusts of winds of over 100 kilometers per hour have been reported.

According to reports, some residents were waiting for rescue on the roofs of their cars. In Footscray, several people took refuge from the rain under a railway bridge.

At Brimbank, the hailstones were the size of a 50-centimeter.

The storm caused the costs of ordering car transport services through popular applications in part of Melbourne to increase. Railway traffic was also impeded as some trains had to be stopped due to a lightning strike.

He hit the water and was fined

Police officers added that on Tuesday in Alberta, Queensland, one of the drivers tried to drive through a large and deep puddle. The car, however, could not cope with the water and was lifted by the water so that it got stuck in the trees. The 23-year-old and his dog were waiting on the roof of the vehicle for help.

The policemen came to the scene and saved the driver. Then they imposed a fine on him in the amount of 551 Australian dollars (about 1,600 zlotys). As they argued, the man knew about the difficult conditions on the road, and yet – without being careful – he decided to drive into the water.

They saved the driver, and then imposed a fine on himReuters

The Australian Meteorological Bureau reported that more than 100 liters of water per square meter have been recorded at more than 50 weather stations in the southeastern part of the country. The situation will soon start to improve because the than, which brought such extensive downpours, has already moved away from the country.

Main photo source: Reuters

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