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Queensland. They saved a kangaroo from floods and crocodiles

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The Australian state of Queensland is plagued by flooding. Although the local police have their hands full because they help residents, on Sunday they showed that they can also take care of wild animals.

The Australian state of Queensland is hit by heavy rains. There was flooding in many regions. On Sunday, the police from the city of Burketown proved that not only the fate of people is not indifferent to them. They intervened in the case of a kangaroo that could not cope with the water and began to drown. In addition, as the police later reported, two rather large crocodiles prowled near the drowning animal.

A video of the rescue operation was posted on social media. Officers added that the kangaroo was named Lucky, which means “Lucky” in English, before being released.

A rescued kangarooReuters

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A rescued kangarooReuters

A rescued kangarooReuters

Impact of the La Nina phenomenon

It was Burketown that was most affected by the consequences of the floods. Dan McKinlay, the mayor of the city council, said on Sunday that nearly 100 residents were evacuated from flooded homes by helicopter over two days.

Scientists believe that more frequent and more severe flooding in eastern Australia is the cause of the three-year La Nina weather pattern. The phenomenon consists in maintaining a low temperature of the Pacific water surface. According to the latest research from the US National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration (NOAA), La Nina is slowly starting to weaken. However, this does not mean the end of extreme weather phenomena, because according to meteorologists, its place may soon be taken by the opposite phenomenon – El Niño.

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Main photo source: Reuters

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