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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Question in “Millionaires” about the flowering of intermediate forsythia

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Yellow-blooming intermediate forsythia is a sign that soon: leaves will fall from trees, gardens will turn green, summer will end or winter will begin? This question was answered by Mr. Maksymilian Marcinowski from Poznań.

In the Tuesday episode, Mr. Maksymilian Marcinowski, who is a computer scientist and doctoral student at the Poznań University of Technology, started his game. He managed to answer the first question correctly.

Mr. Maksymilian heard the second question worth a thousand zlotys about the flowering of forsythia.

The yellow-blooming intermediate forsythia is a sign that soon:

A: Leaves will fall from the trees B: gardens will turn green C: summer will end D: winter will begin.

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Intermediate forsythia is a species from the olive family. It is grown as an ornamental shrub, common in parks and home gardens. Its yellow flowers grow very densely on short stalks. They appear before the leaves develop in early spring (at the turn of March and April).

So the correct answer to the above question is B.

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