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Questions about responsibility after the Black Hawk incident. “First time I’ve seen something like this”

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The deputy minister, who helped bring the police Black Hawk to the picnic, defends the decision, explaining that it was a patriotic event. Only patriotism does not require flying low over people’s heads and breaking power lines. In addition, the helicopter will be grounded and you will have to pay for its repair. And that will be a big bill.

A picnic with politicians, a police Black Hawk and a dangerous maneuver that could end in tragedy. The incident is being investigated by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Płock, where investigators specializing in aviation law work. They check whether the crew brought an imminent danger of a plane crash. It is a felony punishable by up to eight years in prison. – All circumstances in this proceeding will be examined, primarily substantive. Pilots’ qualifications, flights, flight plans, and above all, the way the event is organized – assures Monika Mieczykowska from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Płock.

The arrival of the police helicopter to Sarnia Góra was organized by Deputy Minister of the Interior Maciej Wąsik, who wants to run for the Sejm from this region. – I helped (with the organization – editor’s note) in previous years, I helped this year and will help in the next years to organize patriotic celebrations – says Wąsik.

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The organization of flying equipment shows is governed by regulations. – If there is to be a show, then it needs to be submitted to the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority – editor’s note), the program of the show must be prepared, CAA must approve it – explains Maj. Res. Michał Fiszer, a former military pilot.

Experts point out a number of errors. The launch itself was not secured. People were standing too close to the helicopter, and objects thrown up by the blast could cause injuries. A very dangerous situation happened a short time later. – It’s the first time I’ve seen a pilot flying low over the heads of so many people, so many people. This doesn’t happen in aviation, or at least I haven’t seen anything like it, and I hope I see it last time, because it shouldn’t happen. This is against the rules, says Capt. res. Robert Zawada, former military pilot, aviation expert.

Questions about the Black Hawk incident. The prosecutor’s office is investigating the caseTVN24

Questions about responsibility

A minimum of 300 meters above people and 150 meters above an obstacle – at this height a helicopter should fly. This one was so low that it cut down the lightning protection system of the high-voltage line. Then he flew away. Against procedures. – (Pilots – editorial note) should immediately land in the vicinity of the place from which they took off. Technicians should be called in to assess whether this helicopter is suitable for further flight – says Maciej Lasek, former chairman of the State Commission for Aircraft Accident Investigation, PO.

The police have four Black Hawks, which are used by anti-terrorists on a daily basis. One of the machines will now be out of service. The opposition senator from the Defense Committee claims that the cost of repairing the helicopter is about PLN 3 million. – Replacement of the rotor, blades. These are the amounts. It’s not like the helicopter can break the steel cable and fly on – says Krzysztof Brejza from PO.

The question is whether the possible responsibility will be borne only by the crew, or also by those who decided about the presence of the helicopter at the event.

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