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Questions about the Russian rocket near Bydgoszcz are not silent. “Today no state services will check it”

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“Strong White and Red” – this is the motto of the celebration of the Polish Army Day in 2023 – announced the head of the Ministry of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak. On August 15, the first military parade in three years will take place in Warsaw. The minister eagerly talked about the plans and resources of the Polish army. He did not want to answer questions about the Russian rocket that flew across half of Poland in December and fell near Bydgoszcz.

Minister Błaszczak stays in office, so he can organize the Polish Army Day. On Sunday he talked about the resources of the Polish army. – This is proof that the Polish Army stands guard over our security. security of our homeland – assessed Mariusz Błaszczak, Minister of National Defense. However, the minister did not want to answer questions about the security of the homeland and the rocket. Although PiS defended him by rejecting the vote of no confidence, this did not make the questions disappear about how it happened that a Russian rocket flew halfway across Poland and fell near Bydgoszcz. – How can you trust a guy who claims that a mouse won’t slip across the Polish border, and then a 6-meter Russian rocket falls in the middle of Poland, discovered by a woman on a horse? asks Robert Biedroń, MEP of the New Left.

Mariusz Błaszczak can enjoy the trust of the head of state, as the minister in the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland assures. – There must be a unity of command and here there is no doubt that political and military oversight is properly exercised at the moment. There are no glitches and no problems in this matter – assures Andrzej Dera, secretary of state in the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland.

Questions about the Russian rocket near Bydgoszcz

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The problem, as the opposition points out, is that after the Russian missile lay in the forest for four months, a frantic search for the culprit began. The head of the Ministry of Defense pointed to the operational commander of the types of armed forces as the guilty party. – Błaszczak says that it is the fault of the generals, none is dismissed, and PiS defends Błaszczak. This shows the aberration of the whole situation and Błaszczak’s extreme incompetence, says Bartosz Arłukowicz, PO MEP. – We don’t know what was flying, we don’t know where it fell.

Unfortunately, such cases do happen, and it cannot be generalized in any way, believes Andrzej Dera. According to PiS, the authors of the no-confidence motion are part of a hybrid war. There’s a term for “criminal stupidity.” Don’t go this way. Do not make a political circus out of Poland’s security, assessed Błaszczak. The head of the Polish government is of a similar opinion. – At a time when we have a war beyond the eastern border, the Civic Platform decided to stick a stick in the spokes of Polish security – argues Mateusz Morawiecki.

PiS won the vote of no confidence. Despite this, the opposition still demands an explanation of what happened after the rocket landed on Polish territory. – Either the minister knew and did not say anything, which is already disqualifying, or he did not know and has no control over it, which is also disqualifying. Blaming the military is disgraceful. We will only know the truth after we win the elections. Today, no state services will check it – assures Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz from PSL. The authorities are checking the situation. Specifically, an investigator of the National Prosecutor’s Office, which is subordinate to the General Prosecutor’s Office.

Main photo source: Facts after noon TVN24

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