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Questions about the state of the Polish police. The parliamentary majority announces requests for an audit

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After the events in Wrocław and Andrychów, questions about the state of the Polish police are coming back with a vengeance. Experienced police officers talk about degradation, and the parliamentary majority talks about the effects of politicization, which is why they announce requests for an audit.

Maksymilian F., suspected of shooting two policemen escorting him, was brought to the prosecutor’s office late on Saturday evening.

– The prosecutor charged him with attempted murder of two policemen. These acts are punishable by life imprisonment. During interrogation, the suspect did not confess to the alleged crime and gave enigmatic explanations, said Karol Borchólski from the National Prosecutor’s Office.

The court agreed with the prosecutor’s opinion and arrested the suspect. Now the most important thing is the fight for the lives of both injured policemen. Their condition is still critical.

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Situations from Wrocław and from Andrychowa they make us ask questions about procedures and what is happening in the police. – The fish rots from the head. We have the example of the first police officer, the first policeman, who plays with a grenade launcher. So how are these police trained? – asks Marcin Tomczak, a former police anti-terrorist.

“This has been the problem of the last few years.”

Not only the event with Commander Jarosław Szymczyk in the main role is recalled, but also everything that has happened to the police in recent years: how it became a party security agency, how the ethos of the police and the uniform were destroyed – even by brutal behavior towards protesting women.

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– The problem of such deterioration of functionality has been the problem of the last few years, it is the problem of politicization of the police, it is the problem of losing its mission, the mission to provide help – points out Piotr Caliński, former commander of the Police Training Center in Legionowo. – From an institution that was trustworthy, the Polish police today prove at every step that something is wrong and this process was not a process that happened within a week or a month – adds Magdalena Sroka, MP of the Third Way and former policewoman, who also wants an audit of the Polish police.

Starting with the rules of admission to service and training, because any incompetence in conducting proceedings, exceeding authorizations, violating procedures, shows that the situation in the formation is bad. Paradoxically – as we hear – the higher the rank, the less important ethos and professionalism became.

– I have the impression that there has been a crack in the police, i.e. decent, reliable policemen who serve society have separated from the management staff who only met the expectations of political circles – Caliński believes. – In my opinion, the police are astray at the moment. Commander Szymczyk is gone, no one knows what is happening to him. He announced on November 11 that he would leave the police. We don’t really know whether he submitted the papers to retire. There is an interregnum and that is bad – says Tomasz Szymański, MP of the Civic Coalition, chairman of the Committee on Internal Affairs and Administration.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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