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R. Kelly doomed. Testimonies that have plunged the musician

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R. Kelly was found guilty of the charges against him. Over the course of more than five weeks, 11 men and women in a court in New York revealed details of the sexual abuse, abuse and ill-treatment they experienced by the famous American musician. Here are excerpts from the testimony that plunged the celebrity.


R. Kelly was found guilty trafficking in women for sexual purposes and conducting organized crime. The sentence is to be announced on May 4. The musician is threatened from 10 years to life. According to BBC News, many of the 11 witnesses who testified during the trial – some of them spoke anonymously – described their sexual contacts with R. Kelly when they were underage themselves. He was to insist that they call him “daddy” (“daddy”). From their descriptions, the musician emerges as a control-seeking, violent, and violent person.

Jane, Faith, Kate: R. Kelly consciously infected me with herpes

One of the testifying women – named in the documents Jane Doe No 5 – confessed that the singer regularly abused her during a five-year relationship that began in 2015 when she was a 17-year-old aspiring singer. The 23-year-old now has stated that she has been infected with the herpes virus. She noted that although Kelly was under a legal obligation, he had not informed her that he was infected with a sexually transmitted virus. “This man consciously infected me with something he knew he had,” she said. Later, the singer’s doctor testified that Kelly had been prescribed medications for herpes since 2007.

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When Jane confronted the singer, he told her that “I could get infected from anyone.” – I said that I had only intimate contact with him – she added. When she was unable to have sex due to pain, he complained that her body was “broken”.

Another woman – named Faith for the purposes of the trial – also testified during one of the hearings that Kelly infected her with herpes, and another – reported as Kate – confessed that she received 200,000 dollars from Kelly after the infection.


Jane Doe No 5: I was punished every two or three days

Jane Doe No 5 in her testimony noted that Kelly tried to control every aspect of her daily life and rebuked her for every disobedience. Sometimes so badly that bruises or wounds formed on her body. “I was punished almost every two or three days,” she added. The woman said that Kelly once attacked her with a shoe because he discovered that she had written about it to a friend. – He hit me all over my body. I was running away and trying to fight, she said.

Jane stated in court that she was forced to record a video with her participation, in which she had to smear feces on her face. She added that Kelly had threatened her that she would have to do it again because she “feels too little”.

Another woman – named Anna for the trial – said Kelly had made a video with her where she had to be sexy and seductive, and that “the use of body fluids” was an essential part of the film.

R kellyPAP / EPA

Jerhonda Pace about R. Kelly: He knew I was a minor when we had sex

The first witness in the case was Jerhonda Pace. She said in court that R. Kelly knew she was a minor in 2009, when they had intercourse for the first time in Chicago, where – as BBC News reminds – you can have sex from the age of 17.

The now 28-year-old has admitted that she initially told the musician that she was 19 years old. However, she assured the court that she had revealed her true age on the day they were to have sex for the first time. “He wanted me to braid my hair and dress up as a Girl Scout,” she said. She stated that Kelly recorded a video of their relationship.

According to Pace’s account, the woman had to ask if she could use the toilet, and if the musician was in a good mood, she would get approval within a minute, but sometimes she had to wait up to three days. She was requested to respond to the entrance of a musician into the room. If she didn’t do it quickly enough, she would be slapped and spit on.

Kelly’s attorneys have tried to challenge Pace’s testimony, saying that she made $ 25,000 from a book in which she describes her experiences with Kelly. The woman emphasized that she had never received any money for media appearances.

R. Kelly’s trial. Men’s testimonies

During the trial, the musician also testified by two men who reported to the court cases of abuse they had experienced on Kelly’s part.

A man testifying under the pseudonym Louis said he first met a musician while working a night shift at a fast food restaurant. Kelly gave him his number and invited him to his home, promising that the 17-year-old would be able to perform in his studio. The star asked the boy what is he ready to “do for the music?”

On one occasion, Kelly asked Louis if he had “any fantasies” involving a man, then, as Louis used to say, “he knelt down in front of me and started having oral sex with me.” After that, he “ordered that it stay between me and him.” and stated, “now we’re family, we’re brothers,” Louis reported.

Another man, appearing in court as Alex, testified that he met Kelly in high school, but their intimate relationship began when he was 20. He confessed in court that Kelly had kissed him forcibly, then said, “Be open.”

Kelly brought in women Alex had sex with, which the musician filmed. Sometimes – according to the testimonies – he joined or masturbated. Alex stated that the women he slept with at Kelly’s request were like zombies. He was not allowed to talk to them, nor could he know their names.

R. Kelly’s New York trial started on August 18 (archive video; no sound)Reuters

Addie: I didn’t even know if they would believe me

One of the testifying women, under the pseudonym Addie, stated that she was raped by Kelly after his concert in Miami. She reported that two men who looked like bodyguards approached her and her friend and invited them backstage.

Upon their entry, Kelly ordered everyone out of the room and brutally raped her. – I was completely shocked. I just went out, Addie said to the court. A friend of hers wanted to notify the police, but was afraid she would be struck off in the music business if she filed a complaint. – I didn’t even know if they would believe me. I didn’t want to be hailed as guilty of this situation, Addie admitted.

The BBC News writes that the rape was supposed to take place just two days after the musician married a then-minor Aaliyah.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA

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