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Radlow. A brawl in the stadium and on the street. The 40-year-old is dead, police are looking for witnesses

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The Małopolska police are looking for people who witnessed the events that took place in Radłów near Tarnów. Participants in the fight in the stadium and on the street are also wanted. During it, a 40-year-old man died.

Policemen, under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office, explain the circumstances of the hooligans’ feuds in Radłów (Tarnów poviat), during which a 40-year-old man died.

The services appealed for witnesses and participants of the incident to come forward. “Participants who come forward voluntarily are guaranteed lenient legal consequences,” the police said in a statement.

Investigators do not have information about other people who suffered as a result of the clash of fans.

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A fight at the stadium in Radłów 112malopolska.pl

A fight in Radłów

On Saturday, a football match was to take place at the stadium in Radłów. The meeting was organized by Unia Tarnów fans. According to the Tarnów police, their opponents suddenly appeared on the spot and a fight broke out. During the feud, one of the men was wounded in the stomach by a flare. An ambulance was called, but despite resuscitation, the victim could not be saved.

The first findings in this case indicated that the man could have been hit with a flare. Katarzyna Cisło, the spokeswoman for the Provincial Police Headquarters in Krakow, informed that the services also take into account the version according to which the death of the man occurred as a result of careless handling of pyrotechnic materials.

Investigators will analyze surveillance footage and videos that are already circulating on the internet. Police estimate that more than 100 people may have participated in the clash of hooligans.

Main photo source: 112malopolska.pl

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