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Radlow. The 40-year-old died during a hooligan fight, five people were arrested

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Five people were arrested in connection with a fight that took place in Radłów (Małopolskie Voivodeship). During it, a 40-year-old man died.

According to the autopsy, the cause of death was a blow to the stomach with a flare. The spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Tarnów, Mieczysław Sienicki, informed about the arrest and detention of the suspects. So far, dozens of witnesses to the fight have been interviewed, monitoring records and recordings of the incident published on the Internet have been secured and reviewed.

– Based on this, the first people who participated in this event have already been selected – it’s about a group that came in cars, they were dressed in white and masked – said the spokesman for the prosecutor’s office.

He noted that five participants in the incident were detained. – These people were interrogated, then the prosecutor’s office applied to the District Court in Tarnów to apply temporary detention to these five suspects and the court accepted these requests, sharing the argumentation – reported Sienicki.

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Charges for suspects

According to him, each of the suspects was charged with the same accusations that “acting jointly and in agreement with established and undetermined persons, publicly, for no reason, thus showing gross disregard for the legal order, he actively participated in a gathering of hooligans during a football tournament organized by supporters Unii Tarnów at the stadium of Radłovia Radłów, knowing that the participants of the rally together commit a violent attack on the lives of other people present at the stadium and in the vicinity, which resulted in the death of Łukasz Z., one of these participants.

The prosecutor said that the arrested are residents of the Silesian Voivodeship, coming from the Bielsko-Biała region. The victim of the incident also came from Bielsko-Biała.

– The charges are not necessarily final charges yet, we do not rule out changing the charges to more severe ones – announced the spokesman and added that due to the good of the investigation, the prosecutor’s office did not reveal whether the suspects confessed to their guilt and what content they provided explanations.

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– Further investigations by the police and the prosecutor’s office are underway. Further arrests are possible, Sienicki announced.

An autopsy was performed on the victim’s body on Monday, he said. – We do not have a full protocol yet, but it was initially stated that the cause of death was abdominal wounds caused by a flare – said the prosecutor.

A fight in the stadium

After the incident, the services appealed to the police to report witnesses and participants of the fight. “Participants who come forward voluntarily are guaranteed lenient legal consequences,” the police said in a statement.

On Saturday at the stadium in Radłów there was going to be a football match; the meeting was organized by Unia Tarnów fans. According to the Tarnów police, their opponents suddenly appeared on the spot and a fight broke out. During the feud, one of the men was wounded in the stomach by a flare. An ambulance was called, but despite resuscitation, the victim could not be saved. The police estimated that more than 100 people could have participated in the hooligan clash.

Main photo source: 112malopolska.pl

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