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Radom. A frightened horse ran along the street between the cars

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On one of the streets in Radom, a frightened horse was running between the cars. The animal was stopped by a traffic policeman who was on his way to work. The officer managed to catch up with the horse on foot.

The incident happened around 5.30 am. On Kozienicka Street.

“The animal did not care about the fact that it was moving in the middle of the street, next to passing cars. Fortunately, this was the road that the Radom traffic police officer, constable Łukasz Cukrowicz, was driving on duty, who stopped his vehicle at the sight of the terrified game and caught up with the horse on foot” – she described in the police statement, Staff Sergeant Dorota Wiatr-Kurzawa from the police in Radom.

He was “fed” only with fear

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The officer then informed the duty officer of the Radom unit by phone about the situation and the lack of any care for the animal. A prevention patrol went to the place, which helped to secure the horse until its owner was determined. “After several minutes, the worried owner came to the place and said that the horse was scared of something at night, moved away from the herd of 10 horses and started his journey from Gzowice to Radom,” the policewoman said.

An 8-year-old pony named Juta was unharmed. “He ate only fear and traveled over 15 kilometers to end his trip at a meeting with the policemen of the Radom command” – summed up Staff Sergeant Wiatr-Kurzawa

Tired, but whole and healthy, the animal was handed over to the owner, who was instructed on how to properly secure his ward against another escape.

Main photo source: Mazovian Police

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