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Radom. KOD activist beaten. Five men related to the All-Polish Youth are guilty. Final judgment

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The District Court in Radom issued a final judgment on the beating of an activist of the Committee for the Defense of Democracy at a demonstration in that city in 2017. He upheld the decision of the lower court, which found guilty of beating five men associated with the All-Polish Youth, and acquitted Andrzej Majdan. The prosecutor’s office accused the KOD activist of participating in a fight.

On Monday, the District Court in Radom upheld the verdict on the beating of Andrzej Majdan, an activist of the Committee for the Defense of Democracy, during a demonstration in Radom by men associated with the All-Polish Youth. The incident took place in 2017 during a demonstration organized on the anniversary of June ’76.

In February, the court District Council of Radom acquitted the KOD activist, whom the prosecutor’s office accused of participating in a fight, and sentenced the remaining defendants to restriction of liberty in the form of community service.


The District Court issued a judgment on the beating of a KOD activist during a demonstration in Radom. Video from 02/26/2021TVN24

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Defender of the KOD activist: Andrzej Majdan will demand compensation

After the sentence was announced, Tomasz Burda, the defender of the acquitted KOD activist, announced that this was probably not the end of the demonstration organized by the Committee on the anniversary of June ’76 in Radom. – At that time, the legal demonstration of the KOD was disrupted and we will probably submit an application to the prosecutor’s office in this matter – he said.

He added that Maidan will also demand redress from the convicted men in court.

An appeal against the judgment of the first instance and the final decision of the District Court in Radom

In February, the District Court in Radom, acquitting the KOD activist accused of participating in a fight, stated that he was a victim of a crime committed by the other accused. At the same time, he found that the defendants Patryk P., Karol O., Oskar G., Piotr S. and Piotr D. “connected with the All-Polish Youth” beat Andrzej Majdan, knocking him to the ground, punching him with his legs, throwing blows with their hands, which they exposed him into imminent danger of loss of life or causing serious or moderate damage to health “. The court sentenced them to imprisonment from 14 months to one and a half years in the form of community service.

The prosecutor’s office did not agree with the court’s judgment, according to which the first-instance court made a mistake in establishing the actual course of the event. This, in her opinion, led to the conviction of five men associated with the All-Polish Youth and the acquittal of the activist. In the appeal against the judgment, the prosecutor, Justyna Domagała-Szlaga, who was in charge of the proceedings, requested that the district court’s judgment of the first instance be set aside and the case should be re-examined.

The judge of the District Court in Radom, Anna Szymczak, who was examining the appeal, decided, however, that there were no grounds to take into account the prosecutor’s position and upheld the decision of the district court. The judgment, which was handed down on Monday, is final.

– The prosecutor has failed to demonstrate that the court proceeding in this case, when assessing and concluding on the basis of evidence, committed violations that should result in interference with the contested decision, the judge concluded. She added that the prosecutor was wrong to say that “the assessment of evidence that was made by the district court in this case was incorrect and was affected by a procedural error.”

Andrzej Majdan: It really makes a mark on a person

Andrzej Majdan left the court building satisfied. Speaking about the trial that lasted over two years, he said that it was a “big piece of life” in anticipation of being formally found innocent.

– Quite regularly, second by second, for over two years we analyzed what happened then in Radom. It really makes a mark on a person – a KOD activist told journalists.

KOD activist on Monday’s judgment of the District Court in RadomTVN24

Trial for a fight during the KOD demonstration

On June 24, 2017, a group of young people dressed in T-shirts of the All-Polish Youth came to the legal manifestation of KOD organized on the occasion of the anniversary of June ’76 in Radom. They disrupted the demonstration and shouted slogans such as: “Death to the enemies of the motherland”, “Sometimes a sickle, sometimes a red mob with a hammer!”. Activists and supporters of the Committee for the Defense of Democracy tried to drown them out with sirens, applause and whistles.

The KOD assembly was not secured by the police or municipal police. The people belonging to the KOD guards were responsible for keeping order. At one point, there was a clash between representatives of both sides. The video shared on social networks showed how one of the KOD activists was attacked by young men dressed in black t-shirts. They explained that they had to defend a friend who had previously been attacked by KOD activists.

In July 2018, the prosecutor’s office accused five men aged 20-30, related or sympathetic to the All-Polish Youth, and the then 62-year-old KOD activist, of participating in the fight. According to investigators, the accused kicked each other and knocked them over to the ground, exposing other participants of the incident to the immediate danger of losing their lives or causing severe or moderate damage to their health. It is a crime punishable by up to three years in prison.

KOD activist: the accusations against me are absurd19.07 | The photographer of the Committee for the Defense of Democracy heard the accusation of participating in a fight in June 2017 in Radom, the District Prosecutor’s Office decided. So far, there has been talk of beating this activist, but there has been a change in the classification of the act. The persons detained earlier in this case were also changed from being beaten to participating in a fight.tvn24

Main photo source: TVN24

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