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Radom Murder of 3.5-year-old Kuba. The trial begins in October. Accused parents

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In the District Court in Radom, on October 23, the first hearing was scheduled for the murder with particular cruelty of a 3.5-year-old boy from the Kozienice district in Mazovia. According to investigators, the child was a victim of violence, the father allegedly threw him against the floor and walls. The parents of the child were charged. They are facing life imprisonment.

In May, the indictment was filed with the court in Radom by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin, which is investigating the case.

The boy’s 26-year-old father, Patryk W., was charged with homicide with particular cruelty, child abuse and giving other people, including his partner, amphetamine. The boy’s 26-year-old mother, Kinga Ł., was charged with aiding and abetting the murder and child abuse. Both parents may be punished with imprisonment for not less than 12 years, 25 years imprisonment or life imprisonment.

Kuba was hospitalized with a brain hematoma

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In mid-February last year, the tortured Kubuś from Garbatka Letniska in the Kozienicki was brought to the Radom hospital by an ambulance. The child with cardiac arrest and head injury was admitted to the hospital’s neurosurgery department. He underwent surgery to remove a brain hematoma. From the beginning, the condition of the 3.5-year-old was described by doctors as critical. In early March, the boy died.

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According to investigators, 3.5-year-old Kuba was thrown against the wall and the floor. The child’s parents were arrested. The father pleaded not guilty. He stated that, apart from a few spankings for offences, he had not used violence against the boy. The mother admitted that she did not object to her husband’s aggressive behavior and did not notify the police either. However, according to the investigators, the woman tried to minimize her participation in criminal activities when making explanations.

The mother had previously had problems with childcare

The mother of a 3.5-year-old had problems with childcare before. Kinga Ł. has other children: Filip, born in 2017, from a previous relationship, and from a relationship with Patryk W., father of the deceased 3.5-year-old, three-year-old Kornelia. At the time of her arrest, the woman was pregnant again. In 2021, she was first deprived of parental authority over her eldest son, and then it was limited. The family was under the care of probation officers, who changed because the family moved frequently.

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