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Friday, December 1, 2023

Radom. Police dog Nadit helped find a missing man

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Police officers from Radom were looking for a 75-year-old man. His family reported him missing. Nadit, a police tracking dog, helped to reach the senior citizen. He led the police to the car in which the missing man was sitting.

Justyna Jaśkiewicz, spokeswoman for the police in Radom, announced on Thursday that over the weekend the police received a report about the disappearance of a 75-year-old man. The family informed that the man did not return home and had no contact with him.

The police checked every trace and signal that could help find the missing person. It was established that the man was seen in the Michałów housing estate. A tracking dog was included in the search.

– The five-year-old Belgian Shepherd Dog Nadit – after learning about the smell from the clothes provided by the family of the missing man – followed the trail despite difficult weather conditions. He led his guide to one of the parked cars where the missing man was sitting, the spokeswoman said. The 75-year-old returned home under the care of his family.

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Police dog Nadit led officers to the missing manKMP in Radom

They look for missing people and track down thieves

This is another recent success of a tracking dog from the Masovian police garrison. In mid-October, a four-legged officer appeared in the forest in Szydłowiec County Nador found a woman who got lost while picking mushrooms.

In March, the police dog Ebra led officers to a man who broke into the garage of a new house in the Sochaczew district. In turn, two-year-old Alfa tracked down the perpetrators of a break-in to a car wash machine and a summer house in the Lipsk district, where the thieves stole a cash box, a TV set, an air gun and a dozen or so bottles of vodka.

Police dogs also support officers in searching for missing people, in patrols, convoys and securing mass events, e.g. football matches. A separate group are dogs used to detect the smell of explosives, weapons and ammunition. Other dogs can sense the presence of drugs. There are also dogs for searching for human corpses on land or in water. In turn, fighting dogs support counter-terrorist units. There are currently almost 40 dogs in the Masovian police garrison.

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A difficult time is beginning for seniorsMunicipal Police

Main photo source: KMP in Radom

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