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Radom. The man had four active driving bans, but he got behind the wheel anyway

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The 30-year-old was rushing to his girlfriend. He exceeded the speed limit and was stopped by the police for control. During the investigation, according to the officers, it turned out that the man had four driving bans. He explained his behavior by falling in love.

On Monday, May 29, around 1.20 am on Warszawska Street in Radom, police officers stopped an Audi for inspection – its driver exceeded the speed limit by 19 kilometers per hour.

During the inspection, it was revealed that the driver never had a driving license. Despite not having a driving license, the man decided not to drive a car for the first time. He had four active driving bans, the last three issued by the court in April this year – reported Dorota Wiatr-Kurzawa from the Municipal Police Department in Radom.

Police: He explained that he had to commute to his girlfriend

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According to the police, when asked why the man still does not comply with the court’s sentences, he replied that he was in love and had to commute to his girlfriend.

The man’s sister was called to the scene, to whom the police handed over the car. The woman stated that she had already picked up the car from the officers again due to her brother’s lack of authorization and was clearly not satisfied with this fact.

Now the man in love will answer in court again.

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