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Radoslaw Lubczyk – questions about assets. An MP from Ferrari receives an MP’s allowance

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Poor as an MP. He does have two cars, a motorcycle, and some real estate. In addition, he has his own medical practice, but he still receives an MP’s salary. This is MP Radoslaw Lubczyk. Details matter in his story. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

He used to come to the Sejm on a motorcycle. He became known for his passion for motorization after the film, when Deputy Minister of Agriculture Janusz Kowalski (Suwerenna Polska) wondered if the Ferrari standing in front of the parliament building was a car Donald Tusk.

Then MP Radosław Lubczyk (Polish Coalition) encouraged that he could drop him somewhere in his car. Now it turns out that this Ferrari is not his at all. He is also not as rich as it seems when looking at photos of a politician with cars. He receives an MP’s salary.

– I earn as much a month as the Chancellery of the Sejm pays me. Plus, I earn about PLN 1,000 from my private medical practice, which is about PLN 10,000 a month, said the MP.

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Radosław Lubczyk has a BMW motorcycle, a Porsche and a Fiat 500. He also has several properties, including two apartments worth a million zlotys, and a dental company that earns half a million zlotys a year.

– I would like to point out that these are all car models on leases. Real estate is credited and repaid from the earnings of the business, which is why this situation is not as colorful and pink as it seems to everyone, because it all has to be repaid with hard work – said the spokesman PSL Milosz Motyka.

“MP Lubczyk does not hide his income behind the back of his wife or friends”

According to MP Lubczyk’s asset declaration, he also holds shares in companies. – The company has a lot of income and makes money, but I don’t make money from it. The limited liability company is a legal personality. And this is not my money, but the company’s, to be clear – emphasized the parliamentarian.

Radoslaw LubczykPAP

– MP Lubczyk does not hide his income behind the back of his wife or girlfriends. They are simply inscribed and open, but doubts remain as to whether running a businessshould be paid – commented Marek Sawicki, MP of the Polish Coalition.

If an MP carries out any other activity, he/she is not entitled to a salary. This may be changed by the Presidium of the Sejm. As in this case.

– It is difficult to find crushing reasons to criticize such a situation – assessed the deputy head of Poland 2050, Michał Kobosko. – Lubczyk is a representative of the best group of Poles, i.e. entrepreneurs living from the fruits of their own work – commented Władysław Teofil Bartoszewski (Polish Coalition).

There may be many more such deputies in the Sejm. Even though they themselves have doubts about it. – It’s either not allowed to flaunt, or you have to collect only the salary, and not take income from various sources – said Tomasz Trela ​​from the parliamentary club of the Left.

Proceedings of the SejmPAP/Radek Pietruszka

– This is surprising and does not add a good image – said Adam Szłapka (Civic Coalition). – I think there was a hole in the regulations of the Sejm that allowed it, but in the moral dimension it is not ethical – commented Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy Marcin Horała.

Questions about running in elections

“Fact” also established that the MP spent PLN 35,000 from public money as part of the so-called “kilometres” on business trips. – Szczecinek and Warsaw are 500 kilometers one way. Please calculate how much it costs to go to Warsaw. If someone shows me someone who does not collect the kilometer, I will give mine in full – said Lubczyk.


The MP is now to be the first in Koszalin on the electoral list of the Third Way. The question is will it hurt him now. – If it turns out that this is such cunning, I do not accept it and I would be surprised if it were so – said Roman Wiśniewski, a councilor of the Poviat Council in Wałcz.

We will know the decision on September 5 at the latest.

Main photo source: TVN24

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