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Radoszowice, near Niemodlin. Charred corpse found on the road. 31-year-old convicted of murder

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The District Court in Opole sentenced 31-year-old Paweł R. to 25 years in prison, accused of beating up, pouring gasoline on and setting fire to a man with whom he had previously drank alcohol. The crime took place in February this year in Radoszowice near Niemodlin.

The case concerns the death of a 41-year-old man charred corpses were found on a local road near Niemodlin. The police arrested 31-year-old Paweł R. He was drunk at the time of his arrest. After sobering up, he was charged with unintentional manslaughter.

According to the findings of the investigation, the accused drank alcohol with a 41-year-old man that day. At some point, an argument broke out between them.

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After getting out onto the road, Paweł R. allegedly punched the injured party several times, causing him to lose consciousness. He then went to his property, from where he brought a canister of gasoline. While smoking a cigarette, he spilled the fuel around the lying person and finally threw the butt onto the spilled liquid, which caught the victim’s clothing.

The police found a completely charred body.

Illegal judgment

The accused pleaded not guilty and claimed that he only wanted to scare the injured party. Also, according to the defense attorney, the prosecution did not present convincing evidence that the arson was intentional. The court found credible the version of events presented by the prosecutor, who indicated that the accused, when pouring gasoline around the injured party, must have been aware that combining this substance with a cigarette butt would cause a fire that would endanger the health and life of the beaten man, and sentenced the defendant to 25 years’ imprisonment. The judgment is invalid.

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