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Radymno. She heard knocking on the ceiling and called the police. An 85-year-old woman was lying on the floor in the apartment and needed help

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A neighbor of an 85-year-old woman from Radymno (Podkarpackie Voivodeship) heard knocking on the ceiling and, concerned, notified the police. After firefighters forced open the door to the apartment, it turned out that the elderly woman had fallen and was unable to get up.

The incident took place in one of the apartments in Radymno in the Jarosław district. According to the police, the emergency number was called by a concerned woman who “had been hearing knocking on the ceiling for some time” coming from her neighbor’s apartment. Police officers were dispatched to the scene.

“When they arrived, it turned out that the apartment was occupied by an elderly woman who might need help,” they told the police.

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She fell and couldn’t get up

The 85-year-old lived alone and the door to her apartment was locked from the inside. With the help of firefighters from the Volunteer Fire Department in Radymno, the uniformed officers got inside. An elderly woman was lying on the floor. “She was conscious, but very weak. Contact with the senior was difficult, she could not say how old she was and where she was. She complained of pain in her legs, which made it difficult for her to move, and after the fall she was unable to get up,” police reported. Jarosław headquarters.

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After the intervention of police and firefighters, paramedics arrived at the scene and examined the 85-year-old woman. The officers contacted the woman’s daughter and notified her about the incident. The 85-year-old was transferred into her care.

“Let us remember about the elderly. If we no longer see them, let us not pass by their doors indifferently. When we hear a cry for help, let us respond. It may turn out that thanks to this attitude we will save someone’s life,” appeals the police.

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