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Rafał Bochenek and Janusz Kowalski disrupted the conferences of PO MPs – what was it about? Recordings

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On Wednesday, politicians from PiS and Sovereign Poland disrupted three press conferences of Civic Platform deputies organized on wages in Orlen, Grupa Azoty and PZU. The spokesman of the ruling party, Rafał Bochenek, and the deputy minister of agriculture, Janusz Kowalski, covered the participants of the conference with cardboard images of former and current PO politicians, and also tried to take the microphone from the deputies. “They take ministerial salaries, and instead of sitting at work and solving the problems of Poles, they start fights!” – PO MP Arkadiusz Myrcha commented on this event. When asked about the actions of United Right politicians, Bochenek replied that “the Civic Platform is a gang of cowards and liars.”

On Wednesday in Warsaw, politicians from the Civic Platform organized a series of press conferences as part of the “In the footsteps of fat PiS cats” campaign.

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The first of them, with the participation of Andrzej Domański, Arkadiusz Myrcha and Andrzej Miszalski, concerned the earnings of the president of Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, and the deputy minister of agriculture, Janusz Kowalski.

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Arkadiusz Myrcha said that the purpose of the action was to show how “political appointees, machines for extracting public money” affect the lives of Poles every day. – After all, they do not earn this money in some imaginary companies. They draw hundreds of millions in the largest Polish companies built over decades – said the MP, pointing to the cartoon figures of Obajtek and Kowalski.

He noted that the conference was convened in front of one of Warsaw’s Orlen stations, because it is “the biggest symbol of these ‘fat cats’, which are Mr. Obajtek and Mr. Kowalski.”

He added that as part of the PO MPs they will also appear in front of the building of Grupa Azoty, PZU and PKO SA bank. – These institutions reach all Polish homes in their services. We also want to show all employees of these groups and companies how hard they work so that the political leadership earns its several hundred thousand zlotys a month. We will show it every day, because Poles have the right to know what they pay for every day in high prices fuel pricesaccounts and other services provided by state-owned companies – said Myrcha.

“History like Nikosia Dyzma”. Disrupted PO conference

The conference of PO deputies was interrupted by PiS spokesman Rafał Bochenek and Deputy Minister of Agriculture Janusz Kowalski (Sovereign Poland), who presented cardboard figures – the minister of infrastructure accused of 17 criminal offenses during the rule of PO Sławomir Nowak and former deputy health minister and former head of the PO club Sławomir Neumannwho was accused of abuse of power.

PO conference on earnings in Orlen, which was disrupted by PiS and Sovereign Poland politicians tvn24

Andrzej Miszalski analyzed the earnings of Daniel Obajtek, emphasizing that during his work at Orlen he earned over PLN 7 million. This isn’t the only money he made. It’s a story like Nikosia Dyzma’s. Daniel Obajtek he started as the mayor of Pcim. He earned 200,000 zlotys, but strangely enough, his fortune grew at that time much more than his salary would indicate. As the prosecutor’s office showed, he managed Energa from the backseat. After some time, he got official shares, which increased from 20,000 to two million. The company also obtained subsidies, which in total amounted to over PLN 30 million – noted the deputy.

His words were interrupted by a sharp exchange of views between PO and United Right politicians. – State Treasury companies were running on gigantic losses during the rule of PO – said the PiS spokesman. “If you want, organize your own conference,” Myrcha would reply. “What was said at this conference is not true,” Bochenek tried to continue, but was interrupted by shouts from the other conference participants.

– In contrast to Donald Tuskwho is afraid to reveal PIT, I am able to do it today. Donald Tusk hides his income, hides how much he earned in Brussels and what his pension is. Will Tusk reveal his income? – Kowalski shouted to PO MPs. – Now I will tell you how much I earned according to my PIT, not your lies – he added.

– In 2016, my PIT before tax amounted to PLN 908,608. In 2017, it was PLN 570 thousand 103. In turn, in 2018, 420,000. When will Donald Tusk, the fattest cat of the Civic Platform, reveal his PIT? Kowalski asked. – Tell me about Sławomir Nowak too – Bochenek echoed him.

Janusz Kowalski and Arkadiusz MyrchaTVN24

Myrcha, addressing Kowalski and Bochenek, said that they were “pathetic and embarrassing”. – What are you laughing at? Reveal Tusk’s millions. Do you laugh at farmers who have a PLN 1,500 pension? How are you not ashamed! Kowalski shouted.

Two other conferences disrupted

Politicians from the ruling camp also appeared at two other press conferences organized in Warsaw by the Civic Coalition: in front of Grupa Azoty’s headquarters and in front of PZU’s headquarters.

Before Grupa Azoty, Janusz Kowalski and Rafał Bochenek engaged in polemics with MPs Michał Krawczyk, Michał Szczerba and Dariusz Joński. Members of the United Right they covered the participants of the conference with cardboard images of former and current PO politicians, and also tried to take the microphone from the deputies.

PO conference disrupted by PiS and Sovereign Poland politiciansTVN24

Similar activities took place during a horse conference of PO politicians in front of PZU.

PO conference disrupted by PiS and Sovereign Poland politiciansTVN24

“They take ministerial salaries, and instead of sitting at work and solving the problems of Poles, they start fights”

PO politicians commented on the events on social media. “They take ministerial salaries, and instead of sitting at work and solving the problems of Poles, they start fights! For them, it makes no difference whether they take money ‘for nothing’ from the ministry or from the SP. In October, their parasitic policy will end!” Myrcha wrote.

Dariusz Joński spoke in a similar tone. “Janusz, the millionaire Kowalski, will not interfere with this! Ziobro’s lawyer has been enriched by almost PLN 12 million in 7 years. How? He did not win the lottery. We have not heard that he won a large case in court. thousand/month!” – he wrote.

PiS spokesman: Civic Platform is a gang of cowards and liars

PiS spokesman Rafał Bochenek, when asked by PAP about the action of United Right deputies, replied that “Civic Platform is a gang of cowards and liars.” “When they face facts and facts, they run away from press conferences because they have no arguments,” he added.

– It was during their times that state-owned companies scrubbed the bottom, and their presidents – PO-PSL appointees – earned several times more than the current management boards. These companies were drained, often leading to bankruptcy. Orlen five billion zlotys in the red, Lotos 1.5 billion zlotys below the line, Huta Stalowa Wola in bankruptcy, and people laid off en masse, and so it can be replaced endlessly – said Bochenek.

– They sold and destroyed our property. To this day, there is a problem with this in local governments ruled by PO-PSL. Every now and then there are more scandals and allegations of corruption. They are still the same, nothing has changed. PO’s theft knows no bounds: corruption, bribery, criminal arrangements and groups, said the PiS politician.

Conference of MEPs. Comment from Orlen

Joanna Zakrzewska, executive director for corporate communications in Orlen, stated after a conference of PO MPs that the information they presented was untrue. She referred, inter alia, to the issue of earnings of the president of Orlen. – It is not true that Daniel Obajtek earns the most. Jacek Krawiec, who was the president of Orlen during the PO government, earned over PLN 21 million, she said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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