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Rafał Trzaskowski about the clean transport zone

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The guest of “Fakty po Faktach” was President Rafał Trzaskowski, who is currently in Dubai at the COP28 climate summit. He announced that climate neutrality in Warsaw is to be achieved by 2050, and in some parts of the capital by 2030. He also referred to the clean transport zone project, which was opposed by many people. – If we don’t want to suffocate in the city center, we have to make ambitious decisions. There is no other option, said the mayor of the capital. He admitted that the proposals assumed that the zone would be larger. – The councilors propose that this zone be smaller and cover the very center of Warsaw – he said.

The Mayor of Warsaw emphasized that for the first time, as many as 18 representatives of local governments from around the world are present at the summit. – The United Arab Emirates decided to recognize the role of local governments and it was a very good decision because we were able to pursue demands that are important to us. For the first time, the efforts of local governments were appreciated, he said.

Trzaskowski explained that greater involvement of local governments in climate issues can accelerate the process of improving the air quality. – After eight years wasted by PISlocal governments could help implement these difficult obligations if we finally want to have clean air, he said.

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Trzaskowski: climate neutrality in some parts of Warsaw by 2030

When asked about the most important tasks for Warsaw, he replied that he would work to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. – In some parts of the city this will happen by 2030 – he added.

– We have eliminated most of the cinder blocks, we are greening the city, we have installed many panels (photovoltaic – ed.) on the roofs of buildings. We speed up because there is no other option. This is about new jobs and the health of Poles – explained Trzaskowski.

“We proposed a larger zone, but the councilors want it to include the center”

The president also referred to the city session planned for tomorrow, during which work on the clean transport zone in Warsaw will take place. He was asked if councilors would be “ambitious and relentless” as there had been protests about the project.

– We will be ambitious. If we do not want to suffocate in the city center, we must make ambitious decisions. There’s no other way. We want to limit the entry of 20-year-old cars into the city center. On winter days, the air quality is even worse, he said.

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Rafał Trzaskowski was a guest of “Fakty po Faktach”

– We proposed a larger zone, but the councilors propose to return to our initial proposal, to make this zone smaller and cover the very center of Warsaw – he said in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 Rafał Trzaskowski about the clean transport zone project in Warsaw.

– The only thing is that it will not be possible to drive these most poisonous cars into the city center in two years – added Trzaskowski. He noted that there will be transitional periods for seniors and residents of the zone.

– That’s what the whole world does. Even PiS included such a commitment in the milestones for the KPO (…) I hope that Poles will change from these 20-year-old cars to newer ones, for example 12-year-old ones – said the mayor of the capital.

– We are developing public transport, which is the best in Poland – you can leave your car in front of the center and change buses. We are dealing with a disaster and either politicians will stick their heads in the sand or we will do something, he added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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