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Rafal Trzaskowski. The Mayor of Warsaw after the hearing in Szczecin: the case has a political context

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The Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, appeared on Monday at the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin as a witness. It is about the case of text messages from the head of the Security and Crisis Management Office of the capital city hall and prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek. – I have no objections to the way the interrogation was conducted, but I maintain that the case has a political context – said Trzaskowski after the interrogation.

– I regret that today we are dealing with the fact that many cases conducted by the prosecutor’s office are politically motivated, and the cases that the prosecutor’s office should take care of, because there are a lot of them, various scams of the current government (…), the prosecutor’s office does not take up – said the mayor of Warsaw after the hearing.

Trzaskowski: the case has a political context

Rafal Trzaskowski he indicated that he could not provide information about the interrogation. However, he added that he was surprised how the content of his text messages exchanged with the director responsible for security ended up in the hands of the prosecutor’s office and why it was being disclosed. – In the media space, there have been a lot of presumptions and questions about unjustified surveillance of politicians, and such questions must be asked in this context. I am concerned that the content of the mayor’s text messages with the security director, which is sensitive by nature, that it is being disclosed – he said.

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– I am especially worried about this, because we are dealing with the period of the election campaign. Somehow, another election campaign is approaching and at this point accusations of this type begin and this type of information is in the public space – said Trzaskowski.

– On what basis was the director under surveillance, or was I under surveillance during the election campaign? the mayor of the capital asked.

– I do not formulate any theses, but I formulate questions: were the opposition politicians, me, were we under surveillance during the election campaign, how did the prosecutor’s office come to the content of these text messages; does the public interest justify the publication of text messages between me and the head of my security office, and will this be commonplace? I don’t see any justification for that,” he said.

Trzaskowski noted that “the interrogation was conducted in a completely professional manner.” “I have no complaints about the way the hearing was conducted, but I maintain that the case has a political context,” he said.

The security director from the Warsaw City Hall has been detained

On the order of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin detained by CBA Michał Domaradzki became the head of the Security and Crisis Management Office of the capital city hall. He was charged in an investigation into the disclosure of classified information.

The prosecutor’s office also referred to the Supreme Court motions to waive the immunity of two Warsaw prosecutors: Ewa Wrzosek and Małgorzata M. Investigators want to charge them with the transfer to unauthorized persons, including Michał Domaradzki, information from the pending proceedings and failure to fulfill his duties. Both were suspended for six months.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the background to these allegations was the presidential campaign in 2020 and two accidents of Warsaw buses that took place at that time. According to the investigators, Michał Domaradzki, using his acquaintance with prosecutor Wrzosek, expected the investigator to inform him about the findings of the accident proceedings.

The prosecutor’s office also disclosed fragments of electronic correspondence between the prosecutors and the official. According to the Szczecin prosecutor’s office, Wrzosek – not having direct access to the case – obtained information about the proceedings from her friend prosecutor M. and passed it on to Domaradzki.

Wrzosek: I do not confirm these quotes

Prosecutor Wrzosek denies the contents of the correspondence published by the Szczecin prosecutor’s office.

– My phone was spied with Pegasus. Pegasus and its technical capabilities make it possible to manipulate content, insert new data, as well as delete data – said Ewa Wrzosek on December 1 in an interview with TVN24. The fact that she was under surveillance by the Pegasus system was reported in December 2021 by the Citizen Lab group operating at the University of Toronto. Her phone was allegedly hacked six times between June and August 2021.

The whole conversation with Ewa Wrzosek about the request of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin to waive her immunityTVN24

– I do not confirm in any aspect the quotes that were included in the communiqué – she noted. – I link the case of illegal surveillance with Pegasus, the technical capabilities of this software, with the content that has been published – she added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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