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Rafał Trzaskowski: we must ensure that the elections are monitored

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For us, this is an extremely important matter to ensure that the upcoming elections are fully free and fully democratic. And to ensure that the elections are monitored. Because, as you know, this power can go to anything – said on Friday in Łomża (Podlaskie Voivodship) the Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, encouraging people to participate in the “I watch elections” campaign.

– Certainly, the last elections were not equal, although fortunately we live in a democratic state, but we live in a democratic state because it is a strong civil society. It is strong precisely because of the citizens who are here with me and who here in Łomża are reporting to the process of guarding the elections – he said at a press conference of the Civic Coalition.

Rafal Trzaskowski TVN24

The Mayor of Warsaw told about the progress of the “I’m watching the elections” campaign, which aims to encourage citizens to participate in the work of precinct electoral commissions. “We expected the response to be big, but we didn’t expect it to be this big. 27,000 people across Poland volunteered to watch over the elections. You can see, ladies and gentlemen, that these emotions are high, and there are still three months until the elections – he said.

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Trzaskowski: these elections will really be about freedom

– These elections are really about freedom. These elections are about whether we will be able to continue living in a free country, where the state is there to support citizens, or whether we will live in a country where state officials, policemen will be used to primarily interfere with our freedom – continued Trzaskowski, referring to Joanna’s case.

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“We cannot allow that to happen, and that is why the stakes of this election are so incredibly important. What is at stake in these elections is our personal freedom, it is the central authority that helps us, it is the central authority that protects citizens, protects their freedoms, and does not intrude on these freedoms, he said.

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– We must be in every election commission, we must ensure that no one from PiS officials is tempted to possibly influence the course of these elections in an unauthorized manner – he added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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