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Raises for teachers. Przemysław Czarnek: we want them to be implemented by September 1, 2022 at the latest

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On Tuesday, the Ministry of Education and Science met with trade unions and local government corporations. MEiN proposed, among other things, an increase in the number of employees, a shortened career path, and a raise. Minister Przemysław Czarnek said that “we still have discrepancies in the vast majority”, but there is “great willingness for further discussion”.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Education and Science held a meeting of the team for the professional status of education workers, which includes representatives of the ministry of education and science, trade unions associating teachers and local government corporations. It presents proposals for changes in the professional pragmatics of teachers, including, inter alia, the remuneration system, salary increases, as well as teachers’ working time, professional promotion, job evaluation and vacation leave.

Czarnek about raises for teachers

– We are after a good meeting, tough, difficult talks, but very substantive, with the appointment of further very quick actions in order to reach consensus and common arrangements – said Minister Czarnek after the meeting.

He announced that the ministry was waiting for written statements on the proposals presented today until October 8, and that on October 22, another meeting of the team for the professional status of education workers would take place.

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He pointed out that among the presented proposals are “debiurocratization, increasing the availability of a teacher to a student in the workplace and significant increases in salaries for teachers.”

He admitted that “in many places it seems that this discussion has brought us closer, in many places it has also shown problems that will have to be solved, regulations that will have to be undertaken, but all this is to ensure that the amounts, remuneration that are to increase next year, they actually took place. “

He explained that it was about increasing the gross salary of over PLN 1,400 for a teacher entering the profession, by PLN 1,350 gross for an appointed teacher and by over PLN 1,200 gross for a certified teacher “.

Meeting of the team for the professional status of teachersTomasz Gzell

Przemysław Czarnek: We still have discrepancies

Czarnek admitted that “we still have discrepancies in the vast majority”. – That is why we set this date on October 8 and later on October 22, in order to explain these discrepancies – larger or smaller -. On the other hand, our observation is that there is a great willingness for further discussion and that is what makes us most happy. Because all these discrepancies can only be eliminated with this dialogue, which is very intense – said the head of the Ministry of Education and Science.

– It was a very intense meeting, extremely substantive and extremely sincere. And for this reason we are very pleased – he added.

Education Minister: we want the changes to be implemented from the new school year at the latest

During a press briefing, Minister Czarnek was asked about the time horizon of the changes proposed by the ministry. The head of MEiN emphasized that the reduction of bureaucracy has already started. The regulation on this matter – as he recalled – was signed at the beginning of September.

– This process is ongoing because – as union representatives pointed out – the creativity of some principals is still very high and without legal basis, teachers are still required to do what should not be required. The teacher wants to work with the student, and not create documents that are useless to anyone, emphasized the minister.

He added that “in the coming days, all educational institutions, through the directors, will receive a detailed calculation of what – according to the new regulation – probation officers will not require from principals and what directors will not be able to require from teachers”.

Czarnek announced that from the new school year – September 1, 2022 at the latest – all solutions proposed by the ministry will already be implemented. – However, this implementation will be spread over the next months, from deburocratization through subsequent elements – he said.

He reminded that a teacher in Poland works 40 hours a week. – This is 40 hours that he devotes to duties related to his profession. It is not only a matter of professional workload, which is an average of 21 hours today, but it is also a matter of preparing for classes, checking tests, preparing for the Olympics, and various competitions – said Czarnek.

– What we want to introduce is greater accessibility at school, so that the teacher does not have to do it all outside the school. At the same time, this bureaucratization, which we estimate for a few hours a week, removing these duties, will allow greater interest in students. All within the same 40 hours – added the head of MEiN.

Przemysław Czarnek during the meeting of the team for the professional status of teachersTomasz Gzell

Proposals of the Ministry of Education and Science

MEiN proposes to increase the weekly compulsory teaching hours for teachers by four hours (except for pre-school teachers). The ministry explains that the changes in the number of employees will be related to staff movements, therefore it assumes a three-year transition period, allowing for a flexible transition to the new system. Staffing solutions will take into account the teacher’s decision to increase the number of students with a simultaneous increase in the salary or the maintenance of the current number of students and the determination of the proportional base salary.

The ministry also proposes to clarify the method of calculating teachers’ working time by introducing limits on the availability of teachers at school outside the working hours, which for teachers working in the school is 18 hours a week and varies depending on the size of the weekly compulsory teaching time.

According to the proposal, the hours of availability will include: meetings with parents, time for individual talks with parents, consultations with students, school trips, ad hoc activities and activities related to e.g. preparation of the academy, volunteering, organization and care of students during e.g. discos, pedagogical councils. Classes and activities carried out as part of the teacher’s availability at the teacher’s school will be recorded on an ongoing basis (e.g. along with overtime work) and settled e.g. annually in an individual work time record sheet.

MEiN proposes that a full-time blackboard teacher (except for kindergarten teachers) should “be available” at school 8 hours a week.

The Ministry proposes that the average salary rates for teachers should be PLN 4,950 gross for a teacher with no degree of professional promotion, for a nominated teacher – PLN 6,400 gross, and for a certified teacher – PLN 7,750 gross. On the other hand, the minimum rates of basic salary for teachers with a master’s degree and pedagogical training will be gross, respectively, for a teacher without a degree of professional promotion – PLN 4010, for a nominated teacher – PLN 4540, and for a certified teacher – PLN 5040.

MEiN proposes, among other things, to reduce the number of professional advancement degrees. He proposes to eliminate the rank of trainee and contract teacher. A teacher entering the profession will follow the following development path: introduction to the teaching profession (at least 4 years of work), appointed teacher, certified teacher.

Main photo source: Tomasz Gzell

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