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Ranking of the 50 Most Creative People in Business. Results

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Paweł Biernat from Biotts, Karolina Borner from Vocaly Pro and Monika Pobrotyń from North.pl were among the top of the Ranking of 50 Most Creative People in Business. The special award from TVN Media went to cux.io. The final gala of the 11th edition of the ranking was held at Esport SPOT in Elektrownia Powiśle.

In places 3-10 in the Ranking of the 50 Most Creative People in Business were: Kamila Staszczyszyn and Kuba Matyka from MELT, Katarzyna Zielińska, Alicja Stankiewicz, Małgorzata Zielińska and Marek Turkiewicz from coat-it, Kamil Sabatowski, Konrad Krawczyk and Michał Krawczyk from NaturalAntibody, Krystian Kulczycki, Daniel Jarząb and Radosław Ruda from PayEye, Iga Czubak from Planteris, Paweł Jabłoński from MEETING15 and Dominika Szot from IT’S HER GAME.

– For 11 years we have been selecting the fifty most creative people in business. These are Polish companies, start-ups, technology companies, people who turn their creativity into applied creativity – says Agata Kiszluk-Krzemień, the competition coordinator in an interview with TVN24. – They build companies, build businesses, create ideas, foundations that not only earn money, but also have an impact on the future, on humanity – he adds.


Paweł Biernat, BiottsTVN24

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– In the current reality, more and more solutions we need are solutions in the field of technology – notes Andrzej Karasowski, Premium TV Director at TVN Media. A special award was presented during the evening gala. It was received by cux.io, which will take part in the Test & Learn with TVN Media program. The program makes it possible to verify and test the potential of the awarded start-up in the real business environment of TVN Grupa Discovery.

– We have created a tool that, by itself, saving time, saving analytical competences, which are often absent in companies, detects patterns of behavior, such as, for example, problems on websites, in digital products that may make businesses lose, their conversion will start to decline , they will start to earn less and develop less – explains Kamila Kotowska, Head of Marketing at cux.io.

– We are pleased with this cooperation (…). I hope we will learn a lot from each other – adds Marta Lipka-Krawczyk, Head of Sales at cux.io.

Ranking of the 50 Most Creative People in Business

The 50 Most Creative People in Business competition is addressed to people who have demonstrated out-of-the-box thinking by creating an innovative business project.

The competition is organized by the publisher brief.pl. TVN Media is among the partners.

Main photo source: TVN24

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