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Raspberries. The police chief caused the collision, he was cautioned

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Two cars collided in front of a pedestrian crossing in Malinie (Podkarpackie Voivodeship). The commander of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Mielec was driving one of them. The police officers who arrived at the scene issued a caution to their superior.

The incident took place on February 1, just after 7 am in the town of Malinie in the Mielec district. Two cars collided in front of the pedestrian crossing: a Jeep and a Volkswagen Passat.

– Preliminary findings show that the driver of the jeep did not keep a safe distance, as a result of which he hit the vehicle in front, whose driver most likely wanted to give priority to the pedestrian who was moving on the sidewalk and heading towards the pedestrian crossing – says the younger aspirant to tvn24.pl Bernadetta Krawczyk, acting press officer of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Mielec.

At the wheel of the jeep, as reported by midshipman Bernadetta Krawczyk, sat sub-inspector Tomasz Grazda, commander of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Mielec. – After causing the collision, the commander himself called the duty station and reported the incident, he also called a police patrol to the site – the officer reports.

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The road workers instructed the commander

Traffic police officers arrived at the scene. A caution was applied to the perpetrator of the collision. – For such an offense, in accordance with applicable regulations, the perpetrator may be instructed, a fine may be imposed on him or a request for punishment may be submitted to the court. The officers who carry out activities on the spot decide what penalty will be imposed on the perpetrator – Bernadetta Krawczyk told us.

When asked by us about the factors that determine the punishment imposed on the perpetrator, she replied: – There are many factors such as the behavior of the perpetrator, the effect of the event and others, on the basis of which the police officers instructed the commander.

According to Krawczyk, the drivers were sober. “No one involved in the collision was injured,” she added.

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