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Raszyn. Iga Świątek’s mural was unveiled. It covers the wall of the Primary School

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At noon, a mural by Iga Świątek was unveiled in Raszyn, which covered one of the walls of the primary school. The Raszyn Sports Club and the Projekt Raszyn Association were involved in the project, and it was made by Dominik Kowalczyk. Iga Świątek’s father, Tomasz, was present at the ceremony.

On Friday, October 18, at 12:00 noon, the unveiling took place mural Iga Świątek. It decorates the elementary school. Cyprian Godebski. It covers the wall from Aleja Krakowska side. The originator was the Raszyn Sports Club and the Projekt Raszyn Association.

The ceremony was attended by Dorota Betko, President of the Projekt Raszyn Association. – It’s not so much a thank you, but a huge congratulations to the champion’s dad – she said during the unveiling. – On behalf of ourselves and all those gathered here, we would like to congratulate and thank you. We are proud of such Raszynians. It’s a tremendous amount of work by you and your daughter, dedication and dedication to what you love. Congratulations on all your victories.

– I am surprised and very pleased that Iga has been distinguished and appreciated in this way. I did not count on this type of initiative. You can see the support we get from the residents, from the authorities of the commune and Raszyn. The weather does not spoil us, but what we see here is worth being here – said Tomasz Świątek.

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“I was delighted when I found out that I would paint Iga Świątek”

The mural was made by Dominik Kowalczyk together with Przemek Kaczmarek, and Johannes Utri was responsible for the graphic design. – Painting such walls is my dream. I was delighted when I found out that I would be painting Iga Świątek, says Kowalczyk in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl. The artist paints all over Poland, but recently several of his murals were created in the vicinity of Michałowice and Komorów. – The concept of the mural was changed several times, first we chose a photo of Iga in which she is smiling, but at the end the manager asked her to be dynamic, aggressive, so that the fight could be seen – says the artist.

In order to create a mural, the team had to crop a selected photo so that it was visible from a distance who was in it. – I’ve been there eight times. But it was different, depending on the weather conditions. If it rained, it also took some time to protect the wall from the rain. On the first day, we worked until four in the morning because the wall was cracked and had to be primed, adds Kowalczyk. He also mentions that two months passed from choosing a specific concept to painting the mural, and the artists had known about the project for half a year.

The location of the mural is not accidental. – They wanted to make Iga a role model, motivate children to sports. The wall is located next to the pitch, so it is associated with sport, and it is also visible from the main road – explains Kowalczyk.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter/tvnwarszawa.pl

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