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Raszyn. Warsaw. He drove into cars parked at the traffic lights on Aleja Krakowska. He was suspected of cheating, he started running

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Last week, several cars standing at traffic lights were damaged in Aleja Krakowska. It turns out that the police were then chasing a man suspected of fraud and theft. He started running away when they wanted to identify him.

Last week on tvnwarszawa.pl we informed about damage to seven cars, which occurred in Aleja Krakowska, right at the entrance to S2. The incident happened when the driver of the BMW, while trying to stop the police, started to run and crashed into the cars standing at the traffic lights. It turns out that the chase was the result of a police investigation into fraud.

Police officers from the Department for Combating Economic Crime of the Warsaw Police Headquarters worked on the case of extortion of electronic equipment by concluding contracts for telecommunications services. The equipment was to be extorted from one of the companies using the data of real business entities, and then delivered by a courier company.

When the police received information that once again a contract for telecommunications services was concluded via the Internet with a valuable mobile phone for a person who was abroad at the time and certainly did not make any purchase, they started to act.

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Escape and several collisions

They determined when and where the courier was to deliver the ordered goods, and then went to the indicated place to verify the recipient of the phone. – As soon as they showed their police IDs, the driver of the BMW rushed off and started an escape, during which he led to several collisions at the intersection of Aleja Krakowska and Aleja Legionów Piłsudskiego. After that, he left the car and, together with the passenger, started a foot escape, which both ended when they were detained by the police officers of the Economic Crime Department chasing them, said Edyta Adamus from the Warsaw Police Headquarters.

Both the 28-year-old and the 24-year-old accompanying him were taken to the police station and questioned. During the course of the operation, the police seized an imitation firearm and a telephone from the arrested person.

In the District Prosecutor’s Office in Pruszków, the detainees heard charges. The 28-year-old will be charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, fraud, theft, misappropriation of property, failure to comply with orders to stop a vehicle, and driving a vehicle after having his license revoked. The 24-year-old woman accompanying him will be charged with complicity in the fraud.

By decision of the court, the 28-year-old was placed in pre-trial detention for two months.

The suspect damaged several cars while trying to escapeKSP

Main photo source: KSP

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