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Rataje, Greater Poland. Badgers in a sewer manhole, action of firefighters

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Badgers in Poland wake up from hibernation. Two animals from the town of Rataje in the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship were apparently still so sleepy that they fell into a sewage drain. Firefighters came to their aid.

Firefighters from Chodzież (Greater Poland Voivodeship) received a report on Monday morning about two badgers that had fallen into a sewage drain at a housing estate in Rataje.

Badgers in a sewer manhole

The team that arrived at the site confirmed that two badgers were stuck in the drain about two meters below ground level. The animals were unable to get out on their own. Firefighters used a landing net with a net and evacuation poles to bring the badgers out of the trap to the surface.

Since, apart from a slight stress, they did not show any disturbing symptoms, they were released into the wild and moved away towards the nearby forest.

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Characteristic animal

Badger, or jaźwiec (Meles meles) is a characteristic and widespread species in Poland. They are active at night – then they come out of their burrows to look for food. They spend their days in underground “houses” resembling labyrinths, which are inherited from generation to generation, even for several dozen years.

Badgers dig burrows mainly in forests, but more and more often they choose areas close to human habitation. They can settle, for example, in road and railway embankments or canal slopes.

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They are omnivorous, but they like earthworms the most, although they do not disdain fruits, mushrooms or small mammals.

They are sensitive to low temperatures and humidity. When winter comes, they start hibernating.

KP PSP in Chodzież, lasy.gov.pl, tvnmeteo.pl

Main photo source: junior captain Braszak Bartłomiej (KP PSP Chodziez)

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