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Rawicz. Instead of birds, there were only pictures of them. A unique pigeon show

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15 cages and two aviaries, in which, however, photos of them were shown instead of live birds. This was the Saturday exhibition of purebred pigeons, postal pigeons and small livestock in Rawicz (Greater Poland). You can laugh and notice that Stanisław Bareja did not invent this even in his comedies. But as the organizers argue – it was only about … not disappointing the children.

Everything was supposed to be completely different. It was planned to show about 500 animals in front of the community center in Rawicz. First of all, pigeons, but not only – there were also to be rabbits, chickens and parrots.

The reality of the plans, however, was thwarted for the second year in a row. Pigeon breeders could not show their animals in Rawicz again. Last year, COVID-19 stood in the way. – Due to the pandemic, we only organized a virtual exhibition. We recorded videos and sent them to schools and kindergartens – says Stanisław Projs, president of the Rawicki Association of Pigeon Breeders of Decorative Poultry and Small Stock.

They planted a (sick) pig for them

Now the event in its normal form could not be organized by detecting an outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) in Golejewo, through which the district veterinarian did not allow the exhibition of live animals at the Cultural Center. The organizers knew about it since September, but the exhibition was not canceled.

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– We did not want to disappoint the children – explains the decision Stanisław Projs. Earlier, the organizers managed to announce the “My Favorite Animal” competition. – We announced an art competition for the younger grades of primary school and photography competition for the older grades – explains Projs. And just on Saturday, during the exhibition, the little laureates received awards for their works.

There were no pigeons in the cages, only pictures of themElka.pl

Nothing went wrong

“Only” live animals were missing at the event. There were other attractions, however: artistic performances, animations and a presentation of historic vehicles. And the pigeons in cages and aviaries in the photos.

– These are only photos of our breeders, showing exactly the pigeons that were supposed to be on the show – explains Projs.

As he says, the idea of ​​placing empty cages with pictures of birds fell on one of the meetings in recent weeks. – You could say that this humorous form is our opposition to ASF – he laughs.

Not everyone liked this year’s unique form of the exhibition. – We heard a few negative opinions that we had to do nothing – admits Projs. And he adds that he hopes that in a year’s time the exhibition will be able to take place in its traditional form.

The “pigeon party” in Rawicz has been taking place since 2009.

Main photo source: Elka.pl

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