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Rawicz: She went to the dentist, he was behaving strangely. It turned out he was drunk

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Police officers from Rawicz intervened in one of the dental offices in Rawicz. It turned out that the dentist who was admitting the patients was drunk. Now he is facing severe consequences.

Last Thursday, police officers from Rawicz received a report from one of the patients, asking for an intervention in a dentist’s office in the city center.

– The dentist’s behavior was inappropriate, the lady decided to inform the police about it. A patrol was sent to the scene, who examined the man for alcohol consumption. The result is 2.5 per mille – says Beata Jarczewska, press officer of the Rawicz police.


The patient realized that the doctor might be drunk before performing any surgery.

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They interviewed other patients

– In the case, steps are being taken to expose a person to the immediate risk of loss of life or serious damage to health – explains Jarczewska.

For this crime, the dentist could face up to five years in prison. However, everything indicates that the 63-year-old will be responsible only for the offense – performing official duties under the influence of alcohol.

– We interviewed people who visited this doctor that day, but he did not perform any medical procedures on any of them – informed Jarczewska.

Main photo source: TVN24

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