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RCB alert against strong wind. “Avoid open spaces.” Weather on Monday 20.02

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The RCB alert was sent on Monday morning to people staying in the north of Poland. The warning applies to strong winds, which may accelerate to dangerously high speeds during the day and the coming night. “Possible power outages” – experts warn.

Strong winds will blow on Monday and in the night from Monday to Tuesday, warned the Government Security Center in an alert. SMS messages also reminded about possible power outages and about avoiding open spaces.

Strong wind

RCB reported on Monday morning that the wind will blow at an average speed of 45-60 km / h, with gusts up to 95 km / h. According to the forecasts, “the strongest gusts of wind will occur on Monday and in the night from Monday to Tuesday,” RCB reported.

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In connection with this, an SMS alert system was launched, the so-called RCB Alert.

For residents Pomeraniaand specifically the districts of: Lębork, Puck, Słupsk, Wejherowo and the Tri-City, as well as coastal districts of the province West Pomeranian an SMS was sent with the following text: “Attention! Today and at night (20/21.02) strong wind. Possible power outages. Avoid open spaces. Secure items that can be blown away by the wind.”

The RCB also reminded to remove all items from windowsills and courtyards that can be blown away by the wind and to repark cars to a safe place if they were previously parked under trees. It is essential to close windows and doors, and to stay indoors as much as possible, ensuring the safety of your pets, especially those outside. RCB also recommended to prepare replacement lighting – flashlights with a supply of batteries – because the wind can damage power lines and be careful when driving a car, due to branches and trees that may break, and there is a risk of blowing the car away when leaving the sheltered road into the open.

“Incidents that you believe are or may be relevant to safety should be immediately reported to the fire brigade by calling emergency number 112” – emphasized the RCB.

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Wind speed and force – as we define themPAP/Adam Ziemienowicz

What is an RCB Alert

Alert RCB is an SMS alert system against threats. You do not need to sign up for the RCB alert. People who find themselves in the area of ​​​​a potential life-threatening crisis situation will receive a short text message (SMS) on their mobile phone with information on the type of threat along with the location, as well as the source of the alert. It doesn’t matter which operator we have a contract with.

The amendment to the Telecommunications Law and some other acts of June 11, 2018 requires all operators to immediately send a message to all users in the area specified by the RCB director. Messages are issued only in exceptional situations that may actually threaten human life and health.

Wind speed and force – as we define themPAP/Adam Ziemienowicz

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