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RCB alert. Heavy rainfall. SMS alerts for residents of three poviats in the province. Warmia-Masuria Province

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RCB alerts were announced on Tuesday evening for the residents of three poviats of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. The Government Security Center warns against heavy rainfall.

“Attention! Heavy rainfall tonight and tomorrow (7/12/13). Avoid open spaces, secure your belongings.” – an SMS with an alert with this content was sent to the inhabitants of the gołdapski, ełcki and olecki poviats (voivodship Warmia-Masuria Province). The Government Center for Security also called to “prepare for possible flooding.”

In the event of a risk of flooding, RCB advises:

– listen to emergency announcements and what to do on the local radio or television; – move valuable things to the upper floors of the building; – make sure your mobile phone is fully charged all the time; – move vehicles from the property to safe places; – secure the building and prepare sandbags.

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IMGW warnings

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management warns against heavy rainfall. On Tuesday evening for the poviats of Gołdap, Ełcki and Olecki in the province. Warmia and Mazury raised the level of alerts to the highest.

IMWM meteorological warningstvnmeteo.pl for IMGW

RCB alert. What is this

RCB alert is an SMS hazard warning system. There is no need to sign up for the RCB alert. People who find themselves in the area of ​​a potential life-threatening crisis will receive a short text message (SMS) on their mobile phone with information about the type of threat, location and source of the alert. It does not matter with which operator we have concluded the contract.

The amendment to the Telecommunications Law and some other acts of June 11, 2018 obliges all operators to immediately send a message to all users in the area specified by the Director of RCB. Messages are issued only in exceptional situations that may actually threaten human life and health.

Main photo source: Shutterstock / RCB

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