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RCB. Cooling down. Two more deaths from cooler aura

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RCB informs – two people died of hypothermia on Monday. The same was the death toll from the cold weather on Sunday. Experts remind you to dress appropriately for the weather and to respond to those in need of help.

“Two people died of hypothermia on Monday,” reported the Government Security Center on Tuesday. As RCB added, these tragic events took place in Tarnowskie Góry in the province Śląskie and in the town of Pludry in the province. Opole.

RCB reminds you to properly prepare for colder days. “Dress appropriately for the weather, do not warm up with alcohol, react when someone needs help – call the emergency number 112,” the center wrote on Twitter.

From November 1, the Police Headquarters recorded eight deaths as a result of hypothermia. Two people froze to death on Sunday.

How to avoid hypothermia

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If we know or suspect that on frosty days someone may need help due to hypothermia, we should alert the services by calling 112. We need to react, for example, when we have information about people staying in unheated gazebos, vacant houses or other places that do not provide a safe haven. Let us not pass indifferently by those sleeping at bus stops, let us also take care of older neighbors who may need support during winter days. Contrary to popular opinion, death due to hypothermia does not only happen to the homeless.

Cooling down the bodyPAP

The risk of hypothermia

The level of the body’s heat load is assessed on the basis of the UTCI index (Universal Thermal Climate Index). To determine the UTCI value, human heat balance is calculated in the given meteorological conditions, taking into account, apart from temperature and air humidity, also wind speed and pressure. The UTCI value is not the same as the air temperature value.

The level of risk of hypothermia from November to March is estimated in five categories.

Hypothermia risk level scale (Government Center for Security)RCB

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