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Real estate. Creditworthiness. Analysis: the path from eldorado to collapse and back

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A family of three with two national averages can get a housing loan of approximately PLN 644,000 – calculated HRE Investment Trust expert Bartosz Turek. According to the expert, “we are one step away from the creditworthiness of 2021.” “The road from mortgage eldorado to collapse and back took us just over two years,” he points out.

The analysis shows that thanks to rising salaries and interest rate cuts the creditworthiness of Poles is increasing. Currently – as expert Hreit pointed out – a family with one child with a monthly income of approx. PLN 10,000. PLN can receive almost PLN 644,000 from the bank. PLN loan for the purchase of an apartment. It was recalled that in September 2021, i.e. before the cycle of interest rate increases, an exemplary family with an income of two national averages she could borrow PLN 700,000 to buy an apartment. zloty.

Median creditworthiness HRE Investments

From boom to bust and back

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“Then the rapid turning off of the credit taps resulted in the creditworthiness dropping below PLN 400,000. Today, the result of PLN 644,000 is not only over 62% higher than in the mortgage low, but also only a step away from the previous level.” cycle of interest rate increases,” Turek pointed out.

Creditworthiness of a family of threeHRE Investments

He noted that the government’s First Apartment program, under which you can take out a “safe 2% loan”, is currently very popular. “Contracts worth well over PLN 1 billion are signed every week,” he noted. His estimates show that the contracts signed so far may generate a cost for the budget of approximately PLN 450 million in 2024 alone.

“It is therefore worth knowing that, in accordance with the applicable law, BGK is obliged to announce the end of accepting loan applications when the counter reaches just over PLN 830 million. Everything indicates that we have used more than half of these funds, and there are still tens of thousands of applications waiting in banks. , and thousands more arrive every week,” he added.

According to him, if the popularity of the “safe 2% loan” does not decrease, the money allocated for subsidies may run out at the beginning of next year. “Even if by some miracle the Parliament decided to increase the budget of this program, it is almost certain that it will not be possible before the New Year,” said the expert.

Value of signed contractsHRE Investments

Loan subsidies

“Safe 2% loan” that can be used for… primary market or secondary, is offered at an additional cost. It is the difference between the fixed rate determined on the basis of the average interest rate on fixed-rate loans in lending banks, less the margin, and the loan interest rate at 2%. The subsidized family housing loan installments can be used for 10 years, and the maximum loan amount is PLN 500,000. zloty. In the case of a household run jointly by spouses or when the household includes at least one child – PLN 600,000. zloty.

The Housing Account, the second element of the First Housing program, bears interest on the terms offered by the bank, as with a regular savings account. However, unlike a regular account, the profit is exempt from Belka tax. This means you don’t have to pay 19%. capital gains tax.

The Housing Account is an instrument for those who plan to buy a flat in the next few years. They can be worn from 13 to 45 years of age.

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