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Real estate market. The demand for apartments for rent increased in May by 13 percent compared to April. “Report from the rental market”

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Demand for apartments for rent increased in May by 13 percent compared to April, and the number of available offers increased by 4 percent, according to the May “Rental Market Report”. The largest increase in offers of apartments for rent was recorded in academic cities, and the largest decrease in the Tri-City.

According to the authors of the latest “Report on the rental market” Otodom, May, compared to April, “brought a slight recovery on the rental market”.

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“The number of active offers on the Otodom website increased by 4 percent. Last month, there were 8 percent more new ads and 17 percent more reactivated ones,” the report said on Monday. As added, the number of searches for apartments for rent increased by 13 percent. compared to April. In May, the largest increase in the number of offers of apartments for rent was recorded in academic cities, such as Białystok (+18%), Łódź (+15%), Warsaw (+10%) and Poznań (+5%). The average rental rates offered there remained at a level similar to April’s. The exception was Białystok, where they increased by nearly 2.5 percent. Last month was the fourth month in a row in which the number of advertisements in the Tri-City decreased by 15%. At the same time, the interest in renting in Gdańsk and Gdynia is growing – in May the total number of searches for premises for rent in these cities increased by nearly 20%. “The shrinking offer of apartments for rent in the Tri-City translates into the strongest increase in average offer rates in Poland. Compared to April, rates there increased by 3% in May, and in annual terms by 15% – i.e. 5 pp more than the average calculated in total for all voivodeship cities in Poland, where they remained at the same level as in April, and increased by 10 percent over the year.” – given.

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Two-room apartments are the most popular

The report shows that in May, 2-room apartments with an area of ​​at least 40 sqm were the most popular for rent. Every tenth search concerned 2-room apartments with an area of ​​50 sq m. and 4-room apartments, at least 60 sqm, every twentieth – 2-room apartments from 30 sqm. In the largest cities, the most popular were 2-room rooms up to PLN 2,000 in Łódź, up to PLN 2,500 in Szczecin, Poznań and Wrocław, and up to PLN 3,000 in the Tri-City, Kraków and Warsaw. Every fifth search in Katowice, Lublin, Opole and Rzeszów also applies to premises below PLN 2,000. In the case of studios, apartments priced up to PLN 2,000 were most often sought in Białystok (15%) and Bydgoszcz (12%). In the largest cities, studio flats are less frequently sought, and the most popular combinations include amounts up to PLN 2,000 in Łódź (6%), up to PLN 2,500 in Wrocław (5%), Kraków (3%), Tricity (2.5%) and and up to PLN 3,000 in Warsaw (3%).

Increase in searches for apartments with a garden

Among landlords, there has been an increase in interest in apartment parameters that allow spending time outdoors. Compared to April, the number of searches with a garden increased by 26 percent, with a balcony by 22 percent, and with a terrace – by 13 percent. According to the authors of the report, the holiday season also affects tenants’ preferences related to the location of apartments. “In autumn and winter, the share of inquiries about premises on the ground floor was at the level of 12 percent, and in April and May it increased to 15 percent.” – given. As it was added, the highest interest in this type of real estate was visible in Wrocław, Warsaw and Poznań.

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